Quotes for Kids » Best Inspiring Quotes With Encouragement For Kids

  • Doors
    When a door closes, the other door will open. Unfortunately, most of us look at the closed door for years and fail to recognize that other door is opened.
  • Help
    It is impossible to help everyone, but everyone can possibly help someone.
  • Petty Issues
    If you make petty issues pretty, life will not be pretty.
  • Great Life
    Gracefully let things go, gratefully accept things. Life will be great!
  • Reading
    You will never be able to start reading next chapter, until you stop reading the previous chapters.
  • Failure
    Falling is not failure - Staying down is!
  • God gives food
    God gives food to every bird, but not at their nests!
  • Life is a beautiful drawing
    Life is a beautiful drawing comes with no eraser. Make no room for mistakes, you cannot erase it!
  • Try Something New!
    Don't be afraid to try something new! When you are born, you are new to this world!
  • Happiness
    You can light thousands of candles from a single candle, as is Happiness. Share it, spread it and it won't decrease!
  • Be what you are
    Be what you are, because everybody else is taken!
  • Knowledge
    Invest in your knowledge, you will be paid handsome interest.
  • Ordinary Thing
    Excellence is nothing but doing an ordinary thing extremely and extraordinarily well!
  • Diamond
    Coal turns into a precious diamond after withstanding years of immense pressure! Every one of us holds a diamond in us.
  • Pessimist vs Optimist
    A Pessimist finds negative aspects in every opportunity. An Optimist finds opportunities in every negative aspect.
  • Attitude
    There is a little difference in every people and these little differences mark a big difference in the world. It is called ATTITUDE.
  • Inspiring Others
    It is very difficult to inspire others when you don't put your efforts and willingness to accomplish.
  • Questioning
    The most important aspect of learning is never stop ask questioning.
  • Don't Dwell on the Past
    Don't Dwell on the past. Past is past, nothing can change it! Future is yours!
  • No Shortcuts
    You will find no shortcuts to any place that really worth reaching!
  • Pig
    It is physically not possible for the pigs to lift their heads and look at the sky.
  • Start
    You don't always need to be great to start, but starting something itself makes you great!
  • Experts
    Those who are experts were once beginners. Giving good start make you an expert.
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  • Live Happy
    Happiness is not about being rich, rather being satisfied with what we have. Educate the children to live happy.
  • Kids Learn
    Kids learn by what they live, not what you teach!
  • Books
    Books carry more treasure than a pot of gold coins. Read more books.
  • Success
    Success is not a destination, but a lifetime journey. Continue with your efforts.
  • Positive Thinking
    Positive thinking provides more energy, more ideas and more happiness.
  • Vision
    The worst thing than being a blind person is having no vision with sight.
  • Wisdom
    The greatest wisdom of life is kindness. It costs nothing.

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