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  • Arguing with Fool
    Never argue with a fool. They may pull you down and make others find no difference, beat you with their experience.
  • Everything will be fine
    Everything will be fine in the end. If you don’t feel fine, then it is not the end.
  • Bright Days
    Yesterday was a bad day. Today was moderately difficult. Tomorrow will be good and great. Always remember bright days are ahead.
  • Your Life
    What happens to you forms part of 10 percent of your life – How you react it makes 90 percent of your life. Good or Bad? Joy or Sorrow? Success or Failure? It is how you perceive.
  • How to Think?
    Teach your children how to think and not about what to think!!
  • Make a Life
    We all make a living by our earnings, what we get. But we can make a life only by what we give!!
  • Where you Sail
    If you don’t know where you sail, even the wind can’t help you!
  • Greatness
    Don’t seek greatness – seek truth, seek love, and seek kindness, - you will find all.
  • Understand Everything
    There is no nightmare in the life to have fear. The fear is the outcome of lack of understanding or detest. Understand everything to win the world!
  • What is Love?
    I asked a kid, WHAT IS LOVE?
  • With a beautiful smile, she replied, love is when the puppy licks you!!
  • I laughed loudly. But before I asked my next question, she added, ‘even if you leave the puppy alone for a long time.’
  • Failure and Success
    Failure is a temporary state, rather a first step to success. Giving up makes it a permanent state, like carvings on a stone! Don’t give up!
  • Make me Understand
    Don’t make me read, make me understand – This is what every child needs!
  • Children are Great Imitators
    Children are great imitators. So give them something great to imitate.
  • Worry
    Can you solve a problem? Then there is no need to worry about it.
    Can’t you solve a problem? Then there is no use of worrying about it.
  • Learn from Mistakes
    "I Have Not Failed. I found 10000 ways that won’t show results" – THOMAS ALWA EDISON
    Every mistake has something to learn. Let us learn from our mistakes and not repeat the same.
  • Nothing is Impossible
    Nothing is IMPOSSIBLE in the world. Yes, the word says I’M POSSIBLE.
  • Dream
    You are never given a wish without the power to make it come true. A mere dream or wish never reaps. You may have to work for it.
  • Smile
    Most smiles are the outcome of another smile.
    Smile, the beautiful curve in the face makes you more beautiful and others happier. :)
  • Forgiveness and Kindness
    Forgiveness and Kindness is the greatest wisdom - Learn it from your kids.
  • Your Children
    "We worry about what a child will become tomorrow. Yet we forget that he is someone today."

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