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our Big Backyard Magazine For Pre-school KidsYour Big Backyard Magazine

A Fun Magazine for Kids featuring a whole bunch of information about different animals! Your Big Backyard Magazine is a must-have magazine for kids.

Kids, like elders just love animals. The different creatures attract the attention of the children. Designed for kids aged 3 to 7 years, this magazine is intended to educate the pre-schooler about the different animals in an entertaining way.

The 36-page monthly magazine features facts about animals, which fascinate the children. Since the magazine is geared towards younger readers, a part of the magazine is put together in a simple narrative tone. The language is easily understandable. Facts about animals are presented in an entertaining way, and in form of stories.

The stories are so simple and very short. Coupled with colorful images, these stories do not just entertain the young minds, but also help them remember the facts interconnected with the related animals.

Besides a host of information about the animals, Your Big Backyard Magazine also contains many interesting activities for kids. It name a few, simple cooking tips for kids – they can help in the kitchen; puzzles connected with the nature; games and craft activities connected with the nature; outdoor fun ideas; and much more. Kids can easily connect with nature.

We cannot ignore the photos! Just like in any magazines for kids, they are colorful and eye-catching. Your Big Backyard Magazine is more than mere colorful illustrations. In fact, the attention grabbing photographs serves as learning tools for kids. They bring life to the animals in the magazine.

Another interesting segment of the magazine is animals teaching. Animals peek into the magazine here and there and teach some simple elements like math, reading, skills, reasoning, morals, etc.

How do animals live, the food habits, hunting style, habitats, traits of animals, survival, etc. are beautifully presented in the magazines. Kids can learn these important details about animals in a fun way.

Don’t miss buying this magazine for your child. In addition, it makes a great gift for the younger ones as well.

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