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Miscellaneous Jokes - Page 8

Q: How can you eat an egg without breaking the shell?
A: Ask someone else to break it.

Q: Why did the farmer put the rusted out cars in his garden?
A: To raise a bumper crop.

Q: What is a stupid flower called?
A: A “Blooming” Idiot.

Q: What brings in the monster's babies?
A: Franken stork.

Q: Did you hear the story about the Peacock?
A: It is a beautiful tail [tale].

Q: What keep your teeth together?
A: Toothpaste.

Q: While dogs have fleas, what do sheep have?
A: They have fleece.

Q: Which insects are good at math?
A: Mosquitos - as they add to misery, subtract fun, and multiply very fast.

Q: Why do bees keep humming?
A: Simply, because they do not know the words.

Q: Why do cats like the rain?
A: Since, when it rains, it purrs.

Q: What is a distant relative?
A: Someone who is not living with you.

Q: Which is smaller than the ant's mouth?
A: The ant's dinner.

Q: How can one cut through sea waves?
A: With the help of a sea-saw [seesaw]

Q: Which is the hottest part of a man's face?
A: The sideburns [burns]

Q: How can you spell “too much” using just two letters?
A: XS.

Q: When was the beef at its highest price?
A: When the cow jumped over the moon.

Q: Which fish has the lowest voice?
A: The bass.

Q: Which thief is the strongest?
A: The shoplifter.

Q: Which person’s profession involves a lot of shouting?
A: The “I Scream Man” [ice-cream man]

Q: What do you do with old bowling balls?
A: Give it to elephants, so they can play marbles with them.

Q: Which house weighs the least?
A: The lighthouse.

Q: Which fruit has been there since man invented the calendar?
A: Dates.

Q: Which coat has the most sleeves?
A: A coat of arms.

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