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Here we are with more collection of jokes, puns and funny riddles for you. These funny, wacky, one-liners in English will even get the serious of kids, rolling with laughter. These jokes and funny riddles appeal not only to kids, but also to adults. They are perfect for a long family journey, particularly when there is company. Go ahead, check them out, and try them out with your mates and family. Above all, we guarantee you a good time.

Miscellaneous Jokes - Page 4

Q: How do you know when a bucket is not keeping well?
A: When it is a little pail, it is obvious that it is not keeping too well.

Q: How easy is it to make an eggroll?
A: Just push an egg and you get an “egg roll’

Q: What is a sheep that is covered in chocolate called?
A: A Hershey baa. [bar!]

Q: What do you call a pie in the sky?
A: A flying pizza.

Q: Why do you have to be careful, while you do math in a lion’s den?
A: Because if you happened to get four plus four, you get “ate” [eight].

Q: What made the woman eat bullets?
A: Since she wanted her hair to grow in bangs.

Q: Why did the orchestra have bad manners?
A: Without a conductor, it did not know how to conduct itself properly.

Q: Do minsters ever use operator assistance?
A: Very unlikely, as they go from parson to parson.

Q: What type of eggs do evil chickens lay?
A: Devilled eggs, obviously.

Q: What is a boxer's favourite drink?
A: A “Punch” for sure.

Q: Which hired killer is never executed?
A: Insect exterminator.

Q: What is purple, small, and dangerous?
A: A grape carrying a machine gun.

Q: Which hand is usually used to stir tea?
A: Neither hand, it is usually stirred using a spoon.

Q: Name the gun that the police dog uses?
A: Dogmatic.

Q: What is the favourite food of brave soldiers?
A: Hero sandwiches.

Q: How do polite young lambs say to their mothers?
A: Thank ewe [Thank you!]

Q: What do you call a stolen candy?
A: Hot chocolate.

Q: How do vampires save their cash?
A: Blood banks, of course.

Q: What happens if you cross an elephant with a Boy Scout?
A: You get a real big uniform.

Q: What is the last thing you eat before one dies?
A: You bite the dust.

Q: What happens to evil pigs?
A: They become devilled ham.

Q: What do mice wear to gym?
A: “Squeakers”

Q: Why did the turkey cross the street?
A: To catch the bus to Mexico to avoid Thanksgiving.

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