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  • Q: What happens when you cross a pie with a snake?
    A: A pie-thon [python]

    Q: Which lottery did the broom win?
    A: The sweepstakes!

    Q: What sound do the porcupines make when they kiss each other?
    A: Ouch!

    Q: Why are identical twins like a broken alarm clock?
    A: Because they are dead ringers!

    Q: What is a well-dressed lion called?
    A: A dandy-lion [dandelion]

    Q: Which animals are found on legal documents?
    A: Seals.

    Q: Which fish swims only at night?
    A: The starfish.

    Q: Name the ideal cure for dandruff?
    A: Simple – baldness.

    Q: Differentiate between a banana and a bell?
    A: You can peel a banana only once.

    Q: Why do people say that whales are the biggest gossipers?
    A: Mainly because they are always spouting off.

    Q: What do you get when a hen lays an egg on the roof?
    A: You get an eggroll.

    Q: Name a ten-letter word that starts with gas?
    A: The automobile.

    Q: What does America produce that no other country produces?
    A: Simple – Americans.

    Q: How do bees go to school?
    A: By the school buzz.

    Q: Spot the difference between a bus driver and a cold?
    A: While one knows the stops, the other stops the nose.

    Q: What is an “illigator”?
    A: A sick crocodile.

    Q: How do you differentiate between a can of tomato soup and a can of chicken soup?
    A: Just read the label.

    Q: If the apple can keep the doctor away, what does the onion do?
    A: Keep everybody away.

    Q: Where do they take squirrels when they go mad?
    A: The nut house.

    Q: When was medicine discovered in the Bible?
    A: When Moses received the Tablets.

    Q: What happened to the dog after he swallowed the clock?
    A: He got many ticks that just would not stop.

    Q: Which is the healthiest water?
    A: Well water, obviously.

    Q: What people are similar to the end of a book?
    A: The Finnish.

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