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The Lab Report and the CAT Scan

An old lady brought her limp hen to a veterinary surgeon. She slowly placed the hen on the table while the vet listened to the it’s chest with his stethoscope. He stroked the bird and looked at the lady after a moment. Then he sadly shook his head and said to her,

‘I am so sorry, but your hen, Miss Pucket, has passed away.’

The old lady was distressed and started to cry, ‘Isn’t there anything you can do? Are you sure Miss Pucket is no more?’

‘I am sure of it ma’am, your hen is dead. I am sorry’

But the old lady was adamant, ‘How can you be sure? You haven’t done any testing or anything! What if she is in coma? You need to do some tests!’ She protested.

The vet could understand the old lady’s distress but he couldn’t waste his time over a dead hen. Never the less, he turned around and left the room. A few minutes later he returned with a black Labrador retriever. As the old lady looked on in amazement, the dog stood on its hind legs and put its right paw on the examination table and sniffed the hen. The dog turned to the vet with a sad look in its eyes and shook its head. The vet then carried back the dog and returned with a cat.

He placed the cat on the table so that the cat could have a good look at the hen. After the cat looked at the hen for a few seconds, it meowed softly and jumped down from the examination table to silently walk out of the vet’s room.

When the cat left, the vet turned to the old lady and confirmed, ‘As I said, I am sorry. The hen is dead, most definitely’.

The vet sat back at his table and produced a bill which he handed over to the old lady with a nod. The lady, who was still in shock, took the bill and exclaimed, ‘$ 200!!!’

She shook her head and now angrily asked the vet, ‘$200 just to tell me my dear hen is dead?!’

The vet looked at her and shrugged, ‘I’m sorry. If you had taken my word, the bill would have just been $30, but with the Lab Report and the CAT scan, you now have to pay a bill of $200.’

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