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The Bowl of Chips

A man walked into a coffee shop and took a seat by the window. Before he could order anything, the bowl of chips in front of him says, ‘Hi there you handsome fellow, you look real good today!’

The man ignores the bowl of chips and orders a cool cappuccino shake. Suddenly the bowl of chips says, ‘Oh wow, good choice there fella! You’re a really smart guy!’

The man started to freak out and called back the waiter,

‘What’s going on here? This bowl of chips keeps telling nice things about me!’

The waiter smiles and replies, ‘don’t worry about it Sir, the chips are complimentary!’

The Gorilla at the Pizza Place

A gorilla walks into a pizza place and orders a BBQ pizza for himself. The waiter is amazed, but he thinks of how cool the situation is and so he thinks that he might as well serve the gorilla. He gets the Gorilla a steaming hot pizza and finds the animal holding out a twenty-dollar bill in his direction.

The waiter is amazed beyond words. He is spell bound that a gorilla walked into the pizza store, ordered a steaming hot BBQ Pizza and now actually had a twenty dollar bill to pay for his meal.

So he silently took the twenty and walked over to the cash counter to make the change. At the cash counter he ponders whether the gorilla would actually notice if he played foul with the change.

He casually walked back to the Gorilla and handed him a dollar as change. The gorilla just sat their eating and didn’t bother about it. A few minutes later the waiter couldn’t take the pressure he was feeling anymore.

He returned to the gorilla’s seat and says to him,

‘Hey, you know, we don’t get many gorillas here’.

At that the gorilla replies, ‘At nineteen dollars a pizza I am not surprised that you don’t!’

Job Interview

Alex was attending his first interview to intern as a Math teacher at school. The Principal of the school called him in for an interview.

He asked Alex to take a seat and looked through his Curriculum Vitae. He looked at Alex and asks him, ‘I see that you have mentioned here you are extremely quick at math.’

Alex replies, ‘Why yes sir, as a matter of fact, I am!’

The Principal looked him over and said, ‘Well then let’s put it to the test, shall we? Answer what is fourteen times fifty?’

Alex quickly replied, ’A hundred and Thirty Five!’

The Principal said, ‘Alex that’s not even close!’

Alex looked at him innocently and replied, ‘Yes sir, but I was fast, wasn’t I?

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