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As your kid grows, so does his sense of humor. They read more, understand jokes faster, recognize riddles and is already beginning to develop a more complex humor. Given below are few funny jokes for kids. Enjoy!

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England or London

Jacob got a job in a landlord’s house. The landlord was wealthy, and owned many luxurious houses, villas, jewelries, shares, deposits, vehicles and gardens. The landlord usually went to spend his weekends in his vintage bungalow.

The landlord took Jacob with him to help him. The landlord was boasting about his possessions to a visitor. The bungalow had some precious and ancient artifacts. They were talking about history and precious belongings. Suddenly, the landlord called Jacob to bring his 1000-year-old flower vase. The visitor was stunned. Jacob brought the 1000-year-old flower vase and showed it to the visitor.

While the visitor was resting, the landlord had a conversation with Jacob. In fact, the landlord was a bit angry with Jacob. He said, “Jacob, you should have asked me, which flower vase to bring, the London vase or the German vase. It would have made me proud!’

Jacob understood his employer’s wish. It was in the evening, and the visitor was going through an old family album of the landlord. He saw some old pictures of the landlord’s father. The landlord, quickly asked Jacob to bring his father’s photographs.

Jacob asked, “Which father sir? The London one or the one from Germany?”

It was a big jungle and all animals lived happily. However, one old elephant always wanted to visit a city at least once before he died. Since he was old, he wished to see the city soon.

He tried many ways to visit the city, but nothing worked. The major problem was he did not know how long it would take to reach the city and return to the jungle. Since the elephant was too old, other animals cared a lot.

One day, the elephant met a group of tourists in the jungle. A young girl loved the old elephant. The old elephant asked the young girl, “How long it would take to reach the city?”

Suddenly the young girl received a call and said to the elephant, “Just a minute!”

The old elephant ran happily thinking that it would take only a minute to reach the city.

Rob was arrested for high speed driving. However, Rob did not accept that he was at fault. The judge asked about what he had to say.

Rob said, “Sir, I drove at the low speed. I’m not at fault, so please release me!”

The judge then asked him, ‘Did you see the sign board that displayed 40 km per hour speed, on the road you drove?’

Rob said, ‘No sir! I couldn’t see the sign board clearly as I was driving at 70 km/h speed!’

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