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Q: Why is a room full of married couples considered empty?
A: Because, there is not a “single person” in there.

Q: Why is that cowboys ride horses?
A: Since horses are heavy to carry, it is easier riding them.

Q: Why did the grizzly remove its shoes while entering the restaurant?
A: Because it said, enter with “bare (bear) feet”

Q: What did one sword say to the other sword?
A: You are looking “sharp” today.

Q: How did the cowboy blow his top?
A: He simply put a whistle in his ten-gallon hat.

Q: What is a sick Jesse James known as?
A: A sick shooter.

Q: What happened when the ice cream cone and Jesse James got into a fight?
A: The ice cream cone was licked.

Q: What is the cross between a tyrannosaurus and an owl?
A: You get a dinosaur that scares people and doesn't give a hoot at what it’s doing.

Q: If the number one is considered love and the number two is hate, what is three and four?
A: Seven.

Q: Why did the stupid kid throw butter out of his window?
A: So he could see a butter fly.

Q: Why did the stupid kid throw a glass of water from his second story window?
A: So he could watch a waterfall.

Q: Which paper cause an itch?
A: Scratch paper.

Q: Name something that you can break without touching?
A: Promise.

Q: If a man destroys a clock, can he be accused of killing time?
A: Not really, particularly if the clock had struck first.

Q: Why is the giraffe considered the animal that makes most of its food?
A: It makes a little food go a long way (food takes time to reach its stomach, because of its long neck).

Q: Name the most common weather pattern in Mexico?
A: “Chili today and hot tamale (tomorrow).

Q: When do people require a shovel to eat?
A: When they “dig-in” to their food.

Q: Which point of the days is the same whether it’s spelled forwards or backwards?
A: Noon.

Q: What do cows produce after an earthquake has happened?
A: Milk shakes.

Q: The butcher was 7 feet tall and wore size 12 shoes. What did he weigh?
A: Meat.

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