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Q: Identify the difference between a train and a teacher.
A: While the teacher says, “no chewing,” the other constantly says, “choo-choo".

Q: What do you call an animal trainer who sticks his right arm down inside animal’s throats?
A: A lefty.

Q: What will happen if you don’t compensate the exorcist?
A: Simply that you will get repossessed.

Q: What is the kind of test that is normally given to prisoners?
A: A con-test.

Q: Why are elephants banned on beaches?
A: Because, they just don’t keep their “trunks up.”

Q: What does count Dracula do during the daylight?
A: He takes a “coffin break”

Q: What do English men call little black cats?
A: Kittens.

Q: Where in the world do “mummies” swim?
A: The Dead Sea.

Q: Where in the world can you see flying saucers?
A: Just trip the waiter and you will see saucers flying.

Q: What kind of flowers do women wear all year round?
A: Tulips or two-lips.

Q: When is a cowboy like his horse?
A: When the cowboy is a “little- hoarse”

Q: How many sides do most if not all houses have?
A: Two, (in-side and the out-side)

Q: How do you differentiate between a watch sales clerk and a prison guard?
A: While one sells watches, the other one watches cells.

Q: Why do most artists consider Count Dracula consider as an artist?
A: Because Dracula likes to draw blood.

Q: What is the favorite game for children of ghosts?
A: (Hide and Seek) or better known as Peek-a-BOO.

Q: What is a short, sunburnt, outlaw cowboy, riding a horse called?
A: Little, Red, Riding-Hood.

Q: Why are bearded men better than men without beards?
A: “FUR lots of reasons”

Q: What was the favorite song of the octopus couple?
A: The one from Beatles – I wanna hold your hand, hand, hand, hand, hand, hand, hand, hand!

Q: Why are the potatoes always considered as a need?
A: Because, they always hang out with the “dips” at parties.

Q: Where does the Brontosaurus go during summer?
A: To the “dino-shore”

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