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Animal Jokes - Simple and funny Animal jokes for kids with a variety of best one liner jokes, and animal riddles in English for children of all ages.

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    Q: What is the cow’s favourite resting place?
    A: The moooseum.

    Q: Where do sharks come from?
    A: Fin-land.

    Q: What does one call a mother cow that just gave birth to a calf?
    A: “De-calf-inated”.

    Q: What is it that you call a mad bull elephant?
    A: An earthquake.

    Q: Why did the traffic police give the sheep another ticket?
    A: Because he made an illegal “ewe turn”.

    Q: Why do cats go to Minnesota?
    A: To get a “mini-soda”.

    Q: Which dog always has fever?
    A: A hot dog.

    Q: What do octopuses wear when they feel cold?
    A: Their “coat of arms”.

    Q: What do you call a mouse, that neither eats, walks or even eat?
    A: A computer’s mouse.

    Q: Which kind of dogs loves bubble baths?
    A: “Sham-poodles”.

    Q: How do you treat a pig with a rash?
    A: Use “oinkment”.

    Q: What does a lamb become after it completes its second birthday?
    A: It becomes a two-year-old lamb.

    Q: Why do giraffes have such long necks?
    A: It is because their feet stink.

    Q: What do you do if your dog has just swallowed your pencil?
    A: Don’t panic - use your pen.

    Q: What happened when the cat swallowed a ball of wool?
    A: She had mittens.

    Q: What is the name of the shark’s favourite sandwich?
    A: Peanut butter and jellyfish.

    Q: Why was the crab arrested and sent to prison?
    A: Because he continuously kept “pinching” things!

    Q: Why do bears not wear any shoes?
    A: Because they would still have “bear feet”.

    Q: What has four wheels, eats grass and produces milk?
    A: A cow on skates.

    Q: How would you know that an elephant has invaded your refrigerator?
    A: Because there would be footprints in the butter.

    Q: How would you address a dog with a Rolex?
    A: A watch dog.

    Q: Which pine has the longest needles?
    A: A porcupine.

    Q: What can be worse than a millipede with athlete’s foot?
    A: A porcupine with split ends!

    Q: What do cats like to have for breakfast?
    A: Pooched eggs.

    These animal jokes would be great to share on a school picnic or a family trip. Enjoy!

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