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Q: What happens when a dinosaur is involved in a traffic accident?
A: A Tyrannosaurus Wreck

Q: What would you call a chimpanzee wearing earmuffs?
A: Anything that you wish, as he cannot hear you.

Q: Differentiate between a piano and a fish.
A: You cannot “tuna” fish.

Q: Which part of the fish weighs the most?
A: Obviously, the scales.

Q: Why do giraffes take such a long time to apologize?
A: It takes quite a while, for them to swallow their pride.

Q: What happened to the banana do when the chimp chased it?
A: The banana split.

Q: How was Noah able to see the animals in his Ark during the night?
A: He was able to do so with “flood lighting.”

Q: Name the cow-riding dinosaur at the rodeo.
A: A Bronco-saurus.

Q: Name the easiest way to count cattle?
A: By using a cow-culator.

Q: What made the dinosaur cross the road?
A: Nothing – the chicken was not around those days.

Q: What did the buffalo say to his son when he left on a trip?
A: Bi-son!

Q: Which fish only swims at night?
A: The starfish.

Q: What did the sardine call the submarine?
A: A can of people.

Q: Why did the cow cross the road?
A: It was because the chicken was on a vacation.

Q: What do you get when you cross a kangaroo with a roll of wool?
A: A woollen jumper.

Q: What did the farmer call the cow that was unable to give any milk?
A: An udder failure.

Q: What did the Cinderella fish wear to the dance?
A: Glass flippers.

Q: What happened when the lion ate the comedian?
A: The lion felt funny.

Q: What made the mouse so scared of water?
A: Because there were “cat-fish” in it.

Q: How do you prevent a skunk from smelling?
A: Just plug its nose.

Q: How many skunks do you need to make a real big stink?
A: “A phew”.

Q: Name an animal that has four legs, a trunk, and wearing sunglasses?
A: A mouse on vacation.

Q: Why did the traffic police give the sheep a speeding ticket?
A: Because he was a “baaaaad driver”.

Q: What do you call a 500-pound gorilla?
A: Sir.

Q: What medicine do fish consume to stay healthy?
A: Vitamin Sea.

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