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Animal Jokes - Kids enjoy laughter and particularly one liner animal jokes. Enjoy our wide range of funny animal jokes for kids and laugh along with the children.

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    Q: Why are the elephants so wrinkled?
    A: Since they don’t fit on an ironing board – they cannot be ironed!

    Q: What is the horse’s favourite game?
    A: Stable tennis!

    Q: Which cat should you need to be extremely cat while playing games?
    A: A “cheetah”!

    Q: What do elephants play, while riding on a car?
    A: “Squash”

    Q: What is the similarity between a dog and a cell phone?
    A: Both of them have a “collar ID”.

    Q: name the sheep’s favourite game.
    A: Baa – dminton!

    Q: How can you prevent an elephant from charging?
    A: Take away his mobile charger and he is helpless !

    Q: Why is great to bring fish to a party?
    A: Because it goes great with the chips.

    Q: What do you think would happen if pigs were able to fly?
    A: The cost of bacon would go up.

    Q: What is the name of an alligator detective?
    A: An Investi – Gator!

    Q: What was the frog’s reply to “time flies when having fun?”
    A: Time is fun when I am having flies.

    Q: What happened when the elephant stepped on a grape?
    A: It gave a little “wine”

    Q: Name the circus performer that can see at night?
    A: The acro-bats!

    Q: What did the first cow say to the second cow?
    A: Please “move” over!

    Q: What do you call an injured T-Rex?
    A: A Dino-sore!

    Q: Where do fish save their money?
    A: The river bank!

    Q: Why is that pandas like old movies?
    A: Because they are black and white.

    Q: What is the easiest way to catch a squirrel?
    A: First climb a tree, and then act like a nut – the squirrel will find you!

    Q: Which is the pirate’s favourite dish?
    A: The swordfish!

    Q: Which is the frog’s favourite year?
    A: A Leap Year

    Q: Guess the time when five dogs chase one cat?
    A: Five after one.

    Q: Why is it that their cows wear bells?
    A: It is because their horns do not work.

    Q: Which dog has a bark but unfortunately no bite?
    A: Dogwood!

    Q: A skunk, duck, and a deer went out for dinner at a fancy restaurant. After dinner, when it was time to pay, the skunk unfortunately, did not have a “scent”, the deer obviously did not have a “buck” so what did they do?
    A: They put the cost of the meal on the duck’s “bill”!

    That is all for now – one animal joke to remember until next week.

    There were two cows grazing in a field. While the first one said, “moo”, the second cow, said “baaa.” Therefore, the first cow asked the second one, “What was all that about – the baa thing?”
    The second cow says, “I’m learning a second language.”

    The above jokes will tickle your kids funny bone on a family car trip. Enjoy these riddles and animal jokes.

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