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Animal Jokes are sure to get a kids attention and Kids World Fun brings you one of the best compilations of animal jokes and riddles in English. It has jokes from cats to elephants and a wide variety of animals.

Kids enjoy laughter and particularly one liner animal jokes. This will not only hold your kids’ attention, but yours as well. These jokes will simulate the kids mind and they will remember them for a long while. Enjoy our wide range of funny animal jokes for kids and laugh along with the children.

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Q: We know that fruits come from a fruit tree, so where do turkeys come from?
A: A poul-tree

Q: What did the porcupine ask the cactus?
A: Is that you mama?

Q: Where does ham come from?
A: Ham-sterdam

Q: Name the favourite drink of a frog?
A: Croak-A-Cola.

Q: What do you think happened when 600 “hares” were set loose on High Street?
A: The police had to “comb” the entire area.

Q: How do camels hide themselves?
A: They use camel-flauge!

Q: What does one call a messy hippopotamus?
A: Hippo Pota-mess

Q: What do you call a snake with no clothes?
A: Snaked.

Q: Guess what the little dog said to the flea.
A: Please don’t bug me.

Q: Name a deer whose cost is only one dollar.
A: A buck.

Q: What is the name of a dinosaur who never ever gives up?
A: A tri-ceratops

Q: What do cows do on a Saturday night
A: They go to the mooovies.

Q: Name the place where do sheep go to get their haircut.
A: The baa-baa shop

Q: Name a key that will not open any door.
A: A turkey

Q: Name the favourite drink of an alligator.
A: Gator-Ade.

Q: Name a famous cowboy dinosaur?
A: A Tyrannosaurus Tex

Q: Name the favourite magic spells of the snake.
A: Abra-ca-cobra

Q: Name a camel without any humps.
A: Hump-free

Q: Which is the turkey’s musical bone?
A: The drumstick!

Q: Name the puppy’s favourite pizza!
A: Pupperoni

Q: What is white, black, and red all over?
A: A zebra who is sunburnt.

Q: Name the car that cats like to drive.
A: A Catillac

Q: Name the cat’s favourite breakfast snack?
A: Mice – Krispies!

Q: Tough one – Guess what do whales eat.
A: “Fish and ships”.

Q: Name the place where horses live?
A: The “neigh”- borhood!

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