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What will a chick say when he saw an apple in the nest?
Hey, look at the apple, my Mama laid!

Why do a hen always lay eggs?
If she dropped eggs, they would break!

What kind of fish only swims at night?
Only a starfish!

Name the Ant who always likes to be alone?

Why did little Johnny throw the butter out of the window?
Because little Johnny wanted to see “butterfly”!

What will a bee say when he saw a flower?
Hi honey!

A fish with no eye will be called as?
A “fsh”!

Why a leopard can’t hide anywhere?
Because he is always spotted

How can we believe carrots are good for our eyes?
Because we never see rabbits wearing sunglasses!

Why it is easy to measure the weight of a fish?
Because fish has its own scales!

What will the judge say when a skunk suddenly walked in to the court room?
“Odor odor”!

Why Crab was put in prison?
Because he always kept pinching all the things!

What type of dog keeps the right time?
Always a watch dog!

What a dog will do when he lose his tail?
He will definitely go to a retail store!

What will a dog say when he suddenly sat on a sandpaper?
He will say “Ruff”!

Who can be cleverer than a talking cat?
No doubt, a spelling bee!

Can you say why birds fly towards south in the Winter?
Because it is too far for them to walk!

Where do Cow love to go with his friend?
For the moovies!

What will a Cow love to play at parties?
Only the moosical chairs!

Where do the Polar Bears like to Vote?
Off course at the North Pole!

Once a policeman stopped a car seeing a donkey in the front seat with a man.
Policeman: What are you doing with that donkey? You should take it to the zoo.
The following week also, the same policeman saw the same man with the donkey again in the front seat, with both of them wearing sunglasses. The policeman pulled him over and said,
"I thought you were going to take that donkey to the zoo!
The man replied, "I did. We had such a great time there; we are going to the beach this weekend!"

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