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    Q: Why was the young ant confused?
    A: mainly because all his uncles were “ants” (aunts)

    Q: What is on the ground and at the same time 100 feet in the air?
    A: A “centipede on its back”

    Q. What is the similarity between a baseball player and a spider?
    A. Both catch fly-ers (fliers)

    Q: Which animal goes 99 thump… 99 thump?
    A: A centipede with a false wooden leg.

    Q: What do you call two ants that had eloped to get married?
    A: Ant-elopes.

    Q. Which is the simple method to make a dog stop barking from the back seat of a vehicle?
    A. Simply put him in the front seat next to the driver.

    Q: What did the carrot say to the rabbit?
    A: Do you want to grab a bite?

    Q: What was the time when the elephant sat on your bed?
    A: Well it was the time; I had to buy a new bed.

    Q: Which is the favourite resting place for a 10-ton elephant?
    A: Just about anywhere.

    Q: Which was the first animal on the moon?
    A: It was the cow – It was when it jumped over the moon.

    Q: What trees do you get when you plant frog’s eggs?
    A: Cr-oak trees.

    Q: What is Jurassic Pork?
    A: It is the result of a cross between a dinosaur and a pig

    Q: Where do polar bears go and vote?
    A: “The North Poll”

    Q: Name the most popular game among sheep?
    A: Baaa-dminton.

    Q: Why was the turkey arrested?
    A: The police suspected “fowl-play”

    Q: What do you call a deer that has no eyes?
    A: No i-dea. (No eye deer!)

    Q: Why do male deer’s often wear dental braces?
    A: Simply because of buckteeth.

    Q: What happens to calf after it becomes six months old?
    A: Nothing, it becomes seven months old.

    Q: Why are teddy bears never hungry?
    A: Because they are stuffed.

    Q: Why do chicken lay eggs?
    A: Simply because it would break, if she dropped them.

    Q: How did the farmer fit more pigs in his barn?
    A: He simply went ahead and constructed a “sty-scraper”

    Q: Where do turtles get new shells?
    A: They get it at the hard-wear store.

    Q: Which is the quietest dog?
    A: A hush-puppy

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