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Animal Jokes - Page 12

Q: What does a cat say when you step on its tail?
A: “Me-ow”

Q: What is a baby bear with no teeth known as?
A: “Gummy bear”

Q: What made the dog run across the street twice?
A: The dog was chasing a boomerang.

Q: A difficult one - what is the same size as an elephant, but weighs nothing?
A: The elephant’s shadow.

Q: What is a pig well versed in karate known as?
A: A “pork-chop”.

Q: Where do elephants pack their luggage?
A: In their trunks.

Q: There were three cats in a boat. One jumped out. Now how many of them were remaining?
A: None, since they were all copycats.

Q: Why did they prevent the butterfly from entering the ball?
A: Simply because it was a “moth-ball”

Q: What alphabet hurts you get too close to it?
A: Alphabet B (or Bee)

Q: What made the fly fly?
A: Because the spider spied her.

Q: Why did the dog shout at the flea?
A: Because the flea was bugging him.

Q: What is a snail on a ship known as?
A: A “snailor”

Q: Who comes uninvited to picnics?
A: The ants.

Q: Are they any creatures that are smarter than talking parrots?
A: Yes. Spelling bees

Q: Which day of the week do the fish hate?
A: Fry-day

Q: What do you call a cow caught in a tornado or twister?
A: “A milkshake”

Q: Why did the cat stay away from the tree?
A: Simply because it was afraid of its bark.

Q: Why are trees similar to elephants?
A: Because both of them have trunks.

Q: What is a baboom?
A: An exploding monkey.

Q: What is an elephant in a telephone booth known as?
A: “Stuck”

Q: What is a bulldozer?
A: A sleeping bull.

Q: What do you get when you cross a bug with a rabbit?
A: “Bugs Bunny”

Q: Which animal is considered the strongest?
A: The snail, because it virtually carries its home wherever it goes.

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