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Here is some more very funny one liner Animal Jokes for children of all ages. These jokes and riddles will be great fun on a journey. Have fun and share with us if you have any such jokes and we will publish it for you under your name. Enjoy.

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Q: Name the funny fleas that makes dogs itch?
A: The “Flea Stooges”.

Q: What is the most popular dish for frogs?
A: “French Flies”.

Q: What is a pig that has been charged with dangerous driving known as?
A: A “road hog”.

Q: What is the cheetah’s favourite dish?
A: Any “fast food”.

Q: Why was the bird sent out from class during the monthly?
A: Because she was caught “peep-ing”.

Q: How did the egg cross the street?
A: It slowly rolled over to the other side.

Q: What made Mozart the musician sell his batch of chickens?
A: Because they kept repeating Bach Bach!

Q: Why did the bird get a ticket?
A: Because, it breached the law of gravity.

Q: Where can you find a chicken with no legs?
A: Exactly where you left it.

Q: What is a “Bamboo”?
A: A cross between Bambi and a ghost.

Q: What is a haunted chicken known as?
A: A poultry-geist.

Q: When is it called a “foul weather”
A: When it rains chickens and ducks.

Q: What is the meaning of “out of bounds”?
A: A tired kangaroo!

Q: What animal is good at baseball?
A: A bat!

Q: Why are dragons nocturnal?
A: Because they are able to fight “knights”.

Q: Why is it that gorillas have such huge nostrils?
A: Simply because their fingers are equally huge.

Q: What made the judge say “Odor in the Court?”
A: It was because the skunk walked in to court.

Q: Why did the farmer never milk the pampered cow?
A: Because it always produced spoiled milk.

Q: What is a cross between a cock, poodle and a cocker spaniel?
A: “Cockerpoodledoo”

That’s all we have for today. A small joke to make your day!

A middle-aged man came across a snail eating his plants while watering them. He got angry, plucked the snail, and threw it as far as he could. About ten years later, the middle-aged man, now old, heard a tap on his door. He opened the door to find an angry snail. The snail then angrily asks him, “Why did you throw me out of the window?”

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