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Compiled below are more animal jokes, puns and riddles in English for your kids. These animal jokes are weird, funny and corny as well, and your kids will be laughing their head off. These jokes are meant for kids of all ages. Some of these jokes take you way back into your childhood days. Check out the animal jokes given below, and we are sure it will entertain you and the kids. It is fun time at kids world fun!

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Q: What happens if your pet dog chews up your dictionary?
A: Simply take the words out of his mouth.

Q: What would you call a cold dog sitting on a bunny rabbit?
A: A chilli dog on a bun.

Q: Why is that fish prefer seawater (salty)?
A: Because they sneeze, if it is pepper water.

Q: Where do the mice generally park their boats?
A: Obviously, at the docks – the hickory dickory dock!

Q: What do you call thieving or a crooked alligator?
A: A crook-odile!

Q: What is a lawn moo-er?
A: A lawn moo-er is a cow that eats your grass.

Q: What does the dog do stop a video or cd from playing?
A: He simply uses his paws and presses the “paws button”.

Q: Why is that cows like New York so much?
A: Because New Yorkers like their “moo-sicals”.

Q: What is a loan to a bison known as?
A: It is called a “buff-a-loan”.

Q: Which subject does the snakes like the most?
A: “Hiss-story”

Q: How does a sun burnt penguin look like?
A: It would be white, black and red all over.

Q: Why do dogs wag their tails?
A: Simply because no one else wags it for them.

Q: Which movie is the cat’s favourite?
A: The sound of “Meow-sic”

Q: What does one do to make a young gold fish old?
A: Simply take away the alphabet “g” from the gold fish.

Q: What made the lamb cross the road?
A: Because he needed a haircut at the “baa-baa shop”

Q: Name an animal with four legs going “Oom, Oom”?
A: It is a cow walking in reverse.

Q: What do you do to barking dogs?
A: You put them in a “barking” lot.

Q: What is a fish without an “eye” known as?
A: A “FSH”!

Q: What you call a fly with a frog in its throat?
A: A “hoarse” fly.

Q: Why are flowers compared to the alphabet “A”?
A: Mainly because “Bee’s” keep following them.

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