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Important Tips for writing Short Stories

How to be a Writer


Narrative Forms

  • Elements of the Story
  • A Succession of Incidents Required
  • The Character Interest
  • Uses of Description
  • Kinds of Description
  • Various Moods as Incidents


Literary Divisions and General Principles

  • The Conceptual and Emotional
  • Subject-matter
  • Appeal of Experience, Beauty, and Truth
  • Literary Principles and Qualities
  • Conceptual Writing
  • The Sense of Value
  • Writing having Artistic Quality
  • Two Things Requisite in Writing


The Story in Particular

  • The Art of the Story
  • The Place of Sensation in Writing


Special Study of the Story

  • Symbols for Visualization
  • Audition and Other Sensations
  • Instances of Visualization
  • Motor Effects of Visualization
  • Inference in Literature
  • Effects of Incident and Mood
  • Methods of Characterization
  • The Subjective and Objective
  • Interest of the Plot and its Purpose
  • Interpretative Application of the Symbols
  • Different Forms of the Story


A Few Cautions

  • The suggestions
  • Author's Purpose should be Concealed
  • Unity in Visualization
  • Fine Writing
  • Visualization Harmony of Detail

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