Health Tips for Children and Adults

Health tips for children and adults

To achieve an optimal health there is no one way- There isn’t one special pill, drink, food or program to help you keep up other than to follow a healthy lifestyle. Your daily routine is what counts as the most important part in this. The 10 tips listed will be easy to follow and will keep your health in check if you are willing to try and follow them honestly. If you face challenges related to your health and technique, focus on the positive aspects, no matter how small they seem.

1. Water power: Our bodies are composed of around 60% of water. Our bodily functions that require fluids include circulation, digestion, absorption, and formation of saliva. Water, being a beverage that is sugar-free and calorie-free is one of the best options to keep a healthy body and to run your system smoothly.

2. Correct your posture: Because your posture can affect your physical health and affect you mentally as well. Slouching is found in so many people around us today, thanks to the never ending use of tiny electronic devices. You need to stop slouching and work on keeping your head up, like you were balancing something over your head!

3. Brush your teeth: Good oral hygiene will promote a good health in general, so get into the habit of brushing twice a day. Studies show that taking care of your teeth and having a healthy mouth can reduce the risk of a heart disease, stroke, Alzheimer, Lung infections, kidney problems and even cancer!

4. Get out there and exercise: Exercise lowers the risk of your body developing diseases like diabetes and High Blood Pressure. So if you aren’t already exercising, start with an aim of 10 mins a day and keep adding 10 extra minutes every few days. You need an average of 30 mins of physical activity every day. So get those muscles moving! Add 10 more mins to your routine every once in awhile if you do work out on a regular basis.

5. Track your progress: If you are overweight, and working toward significantly losing your weight to reduce health risks, tracking your progress will help out immensely. There are a lot of applications, like myfitnesspal, that can be downloaded and be used well to assist you. Studies show that people who tracked their exercise and food intake using a well-organized plan lose more weight and keep it off compared to those who don’t. 6.Take a nap – Keep aside 10 mins for a power-boosting nap every day. This will give you 70 extra minutes of sleep by the end of a week. If you keep at it for a year, you will have had 60 hours of energy inducing nap breaks. This really helps to get the best out of those working hours, whether you are a student or an adult.

7. A sensible eating plan: It doesn’t have to be complicated to eat right. The fad diets can be dropped and you only need to adopt a healthy plan by yourself that includes a variety of fruits, whole grains, vegetables, lean proteins and low-fat dairy. Starchy food should make up at least or over one third of everything we eat in a day. This makes it the base of our meals. Whole wheat pasta, highly fibrous white bread and potatoes with the skins are all great sources of fiber and vitamins. While starchy food is the way to go, make sure you are cutting down on saturated fats and sugar! They increase the risk of developing heart disease, tooth decay and obesity.

8. Screen break: Make sure you are taking time away from your ‘screens’ i.e. (cell phone, TV, tablet etc.). It will not only help in giving your eyes the rest they require but will also benefit your mental and physical health too. A study taken in Sweden found that children who use technology to an impossibly exhausting amount of time were highly exposed to the risk of having mental breakdowns like depression and sleep disorder. It has been found that the light from computer screens and tabs are directly linked to the reduction in the sleep hormone ‘serotonin’. This will have immediate effects of messing with your sleep and eventually take a toll on your psychological well-being.

9. Invest in healthy relationships: You need to surround yourself with people who will stand strong with you through all the ups and downs of life. It is a vital part of being happy, staying happy and aid in keeping a good health.

10. Show Gratitude and beat those stress levels: It has been found that showing gratitude helps in lowering stress and prevents the body from mental as well as physical upshots. Learn to accept that everybody is built differently and be grateful for where you stand at the moment.

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