Health Tips - Summer and Health

Summer and Health

Now, let us have some insight on how to maintain optimal health in your kids during summer.


Next to sun burn, blisters are common in children, during summer. Blisters may be caused due to various factors, from allergic reaction to severe dehydration or even chicken pox! Mostly, blisters are caused due to over exposure to sun and heat.

  • Blisters can be healed by applying ice or prescription creams.
  • A simple home-remedy – Neem, applying neem paste, dries the blisters
  • Get immediate medical attention if your child vomits and also has blisters, this may be a severe skin condition related to over exposure to sunlight.
  • You can always use prickly heat powder.
  • When you find blisters on the body, make sure to let the child bathe twice a day, maintain good hygiene and wear soft, cool cotton fabric.


Sunburns have become a matter of great concern among children, although kids don’t bother about the same.

Don’t worry if your child has sunburn. These simple tips will help soothe sunburn in children.

  • Apply cold compress, or simply ice pack in the affected areas, three to five times a day
  • Use moisturizing cream or lotion (special creams and lotions are available for kids)
  • Apply aloe vera gel in the affected spots (fresh gel), it gives instant relief and provides complete cure from sunburn.

Bug Bites in Summer

We have seen the steps for prevention from bug bite. But, what if your kid has already been bitten by an insect or developed any allergic reaction?

The safe product to use on kid’s skin is Calamine lotion (plain calamine lotion available for kids). Generously apply calamine lotion on the affected spots. The lotion eases the itchiness, reduces inflammation and redness of skin. In fact your child will be relieved greatly.

You can also try this. If bitten by ant or spider or wasp, wash and rinse the area well with warm water. Soap the bitten area and wash again. It avoids increase in irritation.

Next, get a cold press – nothing but ice-rub. Wrap ice cubes in soft cloth and apply the ice wrap with controlled pressure. Ice-rub relieves the pain and reduces the inflammation.

These are instant remedies to reduce the impact of bug bite. While more than 50 percent children get complete relief from instant remedies, you need to check with the doctor for right medicines for complete relief.

Bug Bites in Summer – Repellents

Insect repellents are great saviours for children during the bug season. There are plenty of insect repellents available in the marketplace in a variety of forms. You can choose from sprays, lotions, creams, liquids, etc. However, you should consider two aspects when buying repellents.

  • Choose repellents for kids and don’t use adult’s repellents for children
  • Check out for the ingredients. Watch out for those that contains a chemical called, DEET which is very harmful.

Watch for the allergic reactions if any and immediately wash off the skin.

Bug Bites in Summer - Avoid too much fragrance

Having a nice and sweet smelling aroma in and around the house sounds great isn’t it? But beware; this aromatic atmosphere may invite bugs to your home to play with your kids in summer, the bug season. Insects are greatly attracted to perfumes, scented soaps and lotions, aromatic shampoos, detergents, soap powders, etc. Any sweet fragrance attracts the insects. So it is better to avoid having the aromatic effect in few areas in your home. For instance, damp places in the home, kids’ play area, swampy areas, etc.

Also, bugs gather around the dusk and it is recommended to keep children indoors during that time.

Bug Bites in Summer – Simple way to avoid!

The most bothersome aspect of all summer time is insect bites! Bug bites or insect bites may not not always show up any indication in children but sometimes, may lead to several health hazards! However, children can be easily protected from bug bites in summer!

The simplest and safest way to protect kids from bug bites is proper clothing. Keep your child covered in clothing but remember to put light and comfortable dresses. Full sleeves shirt and long pants are sufficient. If required, get an insect repellent for your kid.

Super Summer Foods for Kids

Summer foods for kids – Blow away the heat and keep the child healthy

These are special summer foods for kids; you can feed your children generously with these to beat the heat. Most of these foods contain high quantity of water and are rich in essential nutrients. Add loads of the following special summer foods for kids in everyday diet!

  • Water Melon – 99 % water, anti-oxidants, Vitamins, Minerals
  • Cucumber – 96% water, anti-oxidants, vitamins, Has properties of reducing fat absorption
  • Tomatoes – 90 % water, Vitamin C, Skin friendly natural sun-protection
  • Carrots – 85 % water, Vitamin A, good for skin health
  • Citrus Fruits – 90 % water, Vitamin C, Anti-oxidants
  • Spinach – 90 % water, Vitamins and minerals

Sunscreen for Kids

Many adults have the habit of wearing sunscreen to protect the skin from harmful rays! Now, due to extremely hot climate, many parents think about applying sunscreen for kids. Sunscreen for kids- Yes or No?

YES! Kids too need sunscreen. Sun exposure is definitely harmful for kids and it is more dangerous for kids who have very fair skin! Lack of sun protection may cause severe dehydration to skin cancer. Children should be covered with sunscreen when they move out during summer.

Even if you travel in a car or a train or by any public transport, apply sunscreen on the exposed parts of your kids during summer. Special sunscreen for kids is available in the market place. Don’t use adult’s sunscreen for kids!

Bathing Habits During Summer

Bathtub with full of soap bubbles and balls is definitely fun!

Children love water and love to play with water for hours. During summer many parents allow kids to play in water or take bath for longer time. Many find it good to reduce the effect of hot climate. In fact, the reality is a bit different.

Remember taking bath or standing under the shower or sitting in the bath tub for a longer time actually make the skin dry. Bathing for long time can lead to loss of moisture from the skin. So, don’t let your child bathe for more than 10 – 15 minutes.

Summer Clothing for Kids

Clothing is an important element that should suit the climate. We have a variety of fabric for various seasons to stay comfortable in. Especially for kids, we should make doubly sure that the clothes are comfortable.

Summer means cotton and soft fabrics. Say a big no to any other fabric, especially clothes made of synthetic fibre. Tips to choose summer clothing for kids:

  • Don’t put on tight clothes, make them wear loose dresses
  • Always go with light shades, especially pastel shades during summer
  • Don’t make them wear too many layers of clothes, limit it to one layer
  • Sweatshirts are great options for kids during summer
  • Change the clothes twice or thrice a day, or at least before they go to bed.

Sleep Well

Sleep is a critical element that plays an important role in maintenance of optimal health. Late night sleeping is associated with gaining weight in kids, as kids watch television for longer hours during night, and as a result, snack on high fat foods. Also, lack of sleep makes them wakeup with more hunger in the morning and they tend to eat larger portions of foods than usual.

It may cause no harm if your child sleeps a little late every day during summer. But make sure you provide only healthy snacks for them, like fruits, yogurt, nuts, etc. Also, if your kids wakes up late in the morning, provide them high with fiber -dense breakfast foods and avoid fatty or high caloric stuff.

Don’t skip breakfast even if the time is closer to lunch!

Dietary Disaster During Summer

Summer is absolutely a playtime and fun time for kids. A long break from school combined with vacations makes children love summer time. Yet, summer could be dangerous for children due to excessive heat. Also, many kids always munch on high fat and high calorie foods like burgers, pizzas, French fries, chips and samosas. Parents should prepare themselves to avoid this dietary disaster during summer for their kids.

You need not prohibit children from eating their favourites, but limit the quantity and frequency of eating these foods. Also, feed them healthy alternatives. For instance, if your child loves sweets, do not prohibit the same. Let the little one enjoy a piece of cake.

Follow these five steps to prevent summer dietary disasters!

  • Let them eat what they want but restrict on portions and repetitions.
  • Let them eat as much as they want like cakes, pizzas, ice cream treat, etc (if the above mentioned doesn’t work) but make sure they are active to burn off everything. Ask them to assist in cleaning home or set up an exercise routine, etc.
  • Be a role model and don’t munch on high calorie foods yourselves, as your child will follow what you do.
  • Feed health add-ons, like veggie soup / salad or fresh fruits to every high caloric food like pizzas.
  • Don’t count calories of everything they eat. Just be watchful of what your child eats and know when to say ‘No’.

The Importance of TWO for your Kids’ Health

  • Don’t let the kids watch television for more than two hours a day
  • Feed a minimum of two glasses of milk every day for good bone health
  • Add two different varieties of fruits or vegetables in the daily diet
  • Children under the age of 8 should sleep for at least two hours in the noon or evening
  • Give them warm oil massage and bath two times a week to strengthen the muscles and nerves
  • Provide appropriate medications to deworm twice a year or as per recommendation of your physician.

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