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Mother Teresa

Mother Teresa

Mother Teresa needs no introduction. She is an inspirational personality who poured the unconditional love for the poor. The Noble Prize winner acclaimed globally for her incredible and heart-warming charitable services. We can call her the kindest heart in the world!

Mother Teresa’s incredible services had been renowned in India as she spent several years in India. The early childhood days of this beloved personality is little known? Born in Skopje, in capital city of Republic of Macedonia, she at a very tender age had an institution and innate feeling to serve the needy people. She had feeling that she wanted herself to be called a nun. When she turned 18 years of age, she had the permission to pursue her dream and joined a group of nuns. She had training in Ireland and after a few months of training, she was permitted to visit India.

Soon after arriving at India, she started working as a teacher in Calcutta. The poverty, unhealthy and deprived lifestyle all over the city created a strong impression in her mind that she should help them. This led her to begin a new order named as ‘The missionaries of Charity.’ The ultimate goal of this charity is to serve the people who had nobody to look after them. Her devotion to the charitable services had a great start in Calcutta. She devoted her entire life to help and serve the needy people.

Born as a Roman Catholic, Mother Teresa always believed and preached that serving the people is the chief principle preached by Jesus Christ.

Still, she had a great passion towards India and Indian customs and practices. Although she faced a few traumas due to Hindu Muslim Violence and communal violence in Calcutta, she continued her service without any hesitation. After independence, she left the convent and joined the poor in city. She began to wear white sari with blue lines in the border, respecting the Indian tradition.

Her full-fledged services began and she was accompanied by many fellow nuns. The entire crew survived with little food and trivial income. She and her fellow nuns never hesitated to beg for funds as well for foods sometime.

Once she was invited for a grand function. On that occasion, grand feast at lunch was part of the celebration. After lunch, Mother Teresa started to collect the leftovers from the lunch plates served at the party hall. When others made fun of her, she replied them politely that ‘There are many poor kids who have never tasted most of the foods served here.’

Besides being a lovable and kind hearted woman, Mother Teresa who born as a Roman Catholic and respected the traditions of India never went behind conversion of faith in religion. All the people in her homes and under her care were provided appropriate religious and traditional rites.

The small initiation of Mother Teresa was sparked by her intuition and simple thought. Her Missionaries of Charity now spread across various parts of the world as a huge, strong and undying tree with service motive to serve the homeless people. She passed away in the year 1997. Her soul remains with her.

A beautiful saying by Mother Teresa!

Love cannot remain by itself — it has no meaning. Love has to be put into action, and that action is service.