Very Funny Questions and Answers

Fun is everywhere! Even the most stressful time can be transformed into joyful moments. There are few funny people who find humor and spread all over place! Kids are naturally filled with loads of humor. The innocent and childish behavior together with their naughtiness makes every situation so humorous! Here is your dose of unlimited laughter! Read these funny answers, but they are logical too! Read it carefully.

It was a one-story blue house. The blue house had a blue girl with a blue cat, a blue chair, a blue table with a blue computer. It also had a blue fish and a blue telephone. Everything was just blue in the house. What was the color of the stairs?
There was no stairs, because it was a one-story house.

A middle aged man was driving a heavy loaded truck! The road had no lights and even the lights of vehicle were not switched on. It was a new-moon day and the moon wasn’t out in the sky. A woman was crossing the road. How did the old man see her and prevent accident?
Yes he can surely see it! It was a bright sunny day!

If an electric train was travelling towards the south direction in which direction the smoke was going?
There could be no smoke, because it was an electric train!

A dog was tied on a 22 foot chain. He was hungry and wants to eat the cookies that are almost 25 feet away. How did the dog get the cookies?
The 22 foot chain was tied only to the dog, not attached to anything.

Friday, Miranda and Samantha went to a Chinese restaurant for lunch. They enjoyed the lunch. They left restaurant after paying the bill. Neither Miranda nor Samantha paid the bill. Who paid the bill then?
It was Friday their friend paid the bill.

The pink house was made with pink bricks. The blue house was made with blue bricks. The yellow house was made with yellow bricks. What is a green house is made of?

There were three friends. First one was a lawyer, second one was a carpenter, and the third one was a hat maker. All three were walking down a street on a hot day. Who had the biggest hat among the three?
The one who had the biggest head of three

A squirrel, a monkey, and a parrot were racing to reach the top of the tallest coconut tree in the farm. Tell me, who will get the banana first? Squirrel, monkey or parrot?
No one will get it. You cannot get a banana from a coconut tree.

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