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    Can you guess the terms associated with cricket from the following clues?
    a. tea-10x2
    b. limb-part of a tree trunk
    c. marathon-not in
    d. rounded letter-Diana
    e. headwear-magic
    f. lass-ended
    g. additional-lid

    a. T20
    b. leg stump
    c. run out
    d. ODI
    3. Hat trick
    f. maiden over
    g. extra cover

    What pets make exciting music?
    Answer: Trum-pets

    What happens to dogs who chase cars?
    They end up exhausted!

    How is 1/3rd of six equal to ten?
    Answer: One-third part of SIX is X which is ten in Roman numerals.

    How can you bring together 6 and 40 to make 64?
    Answer: ‘U’ can bring together ‘SIX’ and ‘FORTY’ to form the words SIXTY FOUR.

    How do you get an odd number by subtracting 60 from 76?
    Answer: If you subtract SIXTY from sevenTYSIX, you get seven which is an odd number.

    How can half of five multiplied by half of eight be equal to zero?
    Answer: If you cut the figure 8 in half you get zero. The product of any number and zero is zero.

    Why is an island like the letter t?
    Answer: Both are in the middle of water.

    What do they call the small rivers that run into Nile?
    Answer: Juveniles

    What did the sea say to the sand?
    Answer: Nothing, it just waved.

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