Funniest Answers

This is called out of the box thinking, the kids who answered these are quite smart and intelligent. Let us have some fun with these interesting answers from kids. Only kids can answer like these!!!

It was the first day at school for Jim. His mother was eagerly waiting for his arrival. He was all smiles when he reached home. His mother was surprised and asked him ‘how was the first day at school?’
Answer: Jim replied with surprise, ‘First day at school? What do you mean? Do you want me to go to school tomorrow also?’

Why birds fly to southern parts to incubate?
Answer: Because it is too long to walk.

Do you know why dogs wag their tail?
Answer: Because you or me cannot wag the tails.

Name any thing that is as big as an elephant but weighs zero!
Answer: An Elephant’s Shadow.

You can chop it, punch it, beat it, threw it away. But it won’t get hurt. What it is?
Answer: WATER

An old man arrived on Friday to a village for a function. He stayed there for a couple of days and left the village on Friday. How is that possible?
Answer: Possible. His reached the village on his horse, its name is FRIDAY.

The boy sprinkled some sugar on the pillows before he went to sleep. Why?
Answer: Because he can have sweet dreams.

You have to stop at green and proceed with red. When?
Answer: When you eat watermelons.

Can you repair a broken tomato?
Answer: Yes, I will make it into a paste.

The boy ate his homework note. Why?
Answer: Because the teacher said, homework is like a piece of cake.

In which battle did the great warrior, Tipu Sultan diet?
Answer: He died in his last war.

Name any one major reason that causes divorce.
Answer: Marriage

Is 48 an even number or odd number?
Answer: Even number

River Yamuna flows in which state?
Answer: In liquid state

When was Jawaharlal Nehru Born?
Answer: Jawaharlal Nehru born on his birthday.

Tell one reason why Sam cannot see anything when he looked into microscope?
Answer: He was blind

How do you change centimetres into meters?
Answer: Remove ‘Centi’

What is the reason why you got low marks in history?
Answer: Exams

How will you lift an elephant using one hand?
Answer: You can never lift the elephant with one hand.

If 10 men took 50 days to construct a villa, how long will it take for 20 men to do the same work?
Answer: No time required, because the villa is already built.

What exactly looks like a half apple?
Answer: The other half apple!

What happens if you throw a green stone into the red water?
Answer: It will become wet.

How will you share 10 oranges equally among 6 boys?
Answer: I will make orange juice and serve them equally.

What happens to a man if he doesn’t sleep eight days continuously?
Answer: Nothing will happen as he sleeps at night.

Where did you buy the dress?
Answer: In the dress shop.

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