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Competitive exams analyze the overall knowledge, skills, and lateral thinking ability of the students. While most exams are difficult, some exams are really very funny! Yes, it means, the candidates are posed with some funny questions. However, they do just appear funny. But, answering those questions need smart and lateral thinking. While the questions are very funny, the answers are funnier. But you cannot answer it easily! Think out of the box! All these questions call for presence of mind, concentration, etc. As simple as that.. Ready to read some funny interview questions and answers!

A cup of coffee:

A candidate walked in for an interview. The interviewer asked the candidate different questions about his education, skills and experience. During the interview, the interviewer ordered for a cup of coffee. Meanwhile, a cup of coffee was arrived. It was placed before the candidate. The candidate was a bit confused why only one cup of coffee was ordered.

The interviewer asked him the next question!

‘What is before you?’

What is the answer? If you say coffee, (which was placed before the candidate, you are wrong. You don’t think laterally)!

The answer was T! Yes, alphabet T was before U!

Others would have said, COFFEE, as coffee was placed before the candidate.

It was the final round of the interview. Only three candidates were left for the final pick. All the previous rounds were difficult and the final candidates became nervous over the last round of interview.

All the three were brought together for the final round. The chief interviewer asked them to pick a choice.

1. A choice of answering 7 easy questions or
2. A choice of answering 1 difficult question.

There was a condition. The condition was, even if they answer the questions with wrong answer for at least one question, they will be disqualified.

The first two candidates opted to first choice and they preferred to answer 7 easy questions. The third candidate picked the second choice of answering 1 difficult question.

Everyone wondered!

The first two candidates were questioned separately and they failed to answer all 7 correctly.
One question was asked to the third candidate.

It was, ‘Which came first? An Egg or a Hen?’

The candidate without any hesitation replied, a Hen! Surprised interviewer asked him ‘how and can you justify?’

The candidate replied smartly, ‘Sir, you were supposed to ask me only one question and I answered it!’

Needless to say, he was awarded the job!

Sometimes, smartness is also equally essential to excel!

What is the difference between being stupid and genius?
Genius has some limits, but stupidity doesn’t!

A man weighing 80 kgs had to carry three bars of gold to an island. Each gold bar weighed 5 kgs. However, the boat has the capacity to carry only 90kgs. How?

He simply juggled the gold bars!

A king announced a different type of horse racing competition! He announced that he would reward the horse and the jockey that comes last in the race with first reward, second last with second reward and so on. So, the fastest and the first reaching horse would receive no price. This announcement was made known to all jockeys and horse owners. How did the king manage to get the horse run faster, even though the fastest horse would receive no reward?

The king simply shuffled the jockeys and horses. All jockeys rode on the horses not owned by the respective owners.

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