Wuzzles (Words + Puzzles)

What are wuzzles? Wuzzles are puzzles made up of words, figures, letters or symbols, used in such a way as to be a clue to a well-known or commonly used word or phrase. The term for this type of puzzle is rebus. This word and symbol puzzle is as old as the Persian Empire.

Let us look at some wuzzles. The answer to each wuzzle is given below each question. The explanation for the first three are given.

Ans. Good afternoon. (The word ‘good’ comes ‘after’ the word ‘noon’ right?)

Ans. Read between the lines. (The word ‘read’ is between the word ‘ line’ twice repeated.)

Ans. West Indies (WEST is written in a lot of ‘D’s, so it becomes WEST in ‘d’s)

Ans. Strength in numbers

Ans. Standing ovation

Ans. Shadow of doubt

Ans. High chair

Ans. Falling temperature

Ans. Broken heart

Ans. Backing up

Ans. Down payment

Ans. Left overs

Ans. Bed spread

Ans. High frequency

Ans. Sit ups

Ans. Space ship

Ans. Multiple choice

Ans. Adding insult to injury

Ans. Working overtime

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