20 Questions and Funny Answers

Another compilation of 20 Questions and Funny Answers. It is guaranteed to bring a smile on the gloomiest of faces. Check out our new collection, particularly when you are feeling down or on a family trip. It will literally make you look silly. Kids love information presented in a funny way as they easily remember them.

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20 Questions and Funny Answers

  1. A 15-foot rope ladder hangs over the side of a boat on a rainy day. The bottom rung touches the surface of the water. The rungs are about one foot apart. If the tide goes up, at the rate of one foot per hour, how long will it be until at least four rungs of the rope ladder are covered?
    ANSWER: Never is the answer; the boat will rise as the tide goes up!
  2. This person in the blue coat is the father of the person standing next to him in the black coat. But the person in black is not the son of the person wearing the blue coat. How it that possible?
    ANSWER: That’s because the person in the black coat is the man’s daughter!
  3. Old Macy’s Rooster sat and lays an egg on the barn roof, which way do you think the egg rolled?
    ANSWER: Oh common! Have you ever heard of a Rooster laying egg!
  4. An electric train is heading south at the speed of 150 mph. It is a windy day and the weather forecast gives a reading of the wind to be blowing 20 mph to the east. Can you calculate which way the smoke blows?
    ANSWER: It is an electric train guys! No smoke!
  5. How can a lady go 10 days deprived of sleep?
    ANSWER: Well, she can sleep during the night time!
  6. Alex asks his partner, ‘A little girl in my school bus asked me a really hard question. She asked me how I would pick up an elephant with one hand. I didn’t know what to answer to that!’
    ANSWER: Alex’s friend answers, ‘Don’t worry mate, you’re never going to find an elephant that has just one hand!’
  7. It took ten men ten hours to build the wall next to the town library, now how long would four men take to build it?
    ANSWER: No time at all, the wall is already built isn’t it?
  8. If there are 10 apricots on the table and you take away six of them, how many do you have?
    ANSWER: You have six apricots, the ones you took!
  9. Is it legal for a young man to marry his widow’s cousin sister?
    ANSWER: Well, he’s dead! It would be kind of hard to marry her now, isn't it?
  10. Ben’s dad has five sons, whom he named East, West, North, South… Can you guess what would be the name of the fifth son?
    ANSWER: Ben is the fifth son!
  1. If you were to throw a green stone into the blue sea, what will it become?’
    ANSWER: The stone would become wet of course!!
  2. Imagine you are on a safari and being chased by a group of lions. How would you escape without being hurt?
    ANSWER: Just stop imagining and you’ll be safe!
  3. We all need space to keep our stuff safe. Where do you think trees put their stuff?
    ANSWER: In their trunks!
  4. What do we get when we cross a refrigerator with an i-pod?
    ANSWER: Cool Music.
  5. When is the right time for you to go to the dentist?
    ANSWER: At Tooth-hurty [Two-thirty!!]
  6. Of all the buttons in the world, which ones cannot be unbuttoned?
    ANSWER: Our belly –buttons.
  7. The triangle and circle had a quarrel. The fight went on for so long that the triangle ended it with one last line at the Circle. What do you think the triangle said to the circle?
    ANSWER: The triangle said, ‘You are pointless!’
  8. What is on the ground almost most of the time, but never gets dirtied, wet or muddy?
    ANSWER: Shadows!
  9. If a cat won a dog’s show, what would it be called?
    ANSWER: It would be a CAT-HAS-TROPHY (catastrophe)
  10. Why did the banyan tree take an appointment with the dentist?
    ANSWER: Because the tree needed a root canal!

Enjoy your weekly collection of funny trick questions and one-liners from kid’s world fun. For more such jokes, please visit our archives.

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