Funny Joke Question Answers For Kids

Here is our latest collection of wacky riddles, one-liners with double meanings, funny jokes and puns. As usual, they are easy to understand and kids love them. These are a little more complex riddles and jokes and are ideal for the pre-teen. Try it on your friends and family and let us know their reaction.

Wacky Jokes for Kids

Q: Why was six afraid of seven?
A: Because seven, eight [ate], nine.

Q: Which musical instrument is commonly found in the toilet?
A: A tuba [tube of] toothpaste.

Q: Why do little elves go to school?
A: To learn the elfabet [alphabet]

Q: What is the most common holiday spot for pencils?
A: Pennsylvania [Pencil-vania]

Q: Why did the girl take a jar of peanut butter with her in the car?
A: So that it could go well with the traffic jam.

Q: Why do bananas insist on putting on sunscreen while at the beach?
A: Simply because they might just peel.

Q: How do you make a tissue dance?
A: You put a little boogie in it.

Q: What was the mushroom saying to the fungus?
A: Just that he was a fun guy [fungi].

Q: What happened to the guy who lost his left arm?
A: He is alright now. [all right]

Q: What do you call a fish missing an eye?
A: A fsh [the alphabet “I” is missing]

Q: What is brown and sounds like a bell?
A: Dung.

Q: Why was Cinderella kicked out from the basketball team?
A: Because, she always ran away from the ball.

Q: Where does a boat go when it is sick?
A: To the dock [doctor]

Q: What day of the week tastes the best?
A: Sunday [sundae]

Q: Why is b always cool?
A: Because it is between ac.

Q: What goes on and on and has an i in the middle?
A: An onion

Q: Why did the TV cross the road?
A: Because it wanted to be a flat screen.

Q: Why did the lady reporter rush to ice cream shop?
A: To get a good scoop before anyone.

Q: Why did the carpenter fall asleep on the job?
A: He was board [bored].

Q: Why is It hard to explain puns to kleptomaniacs?
A: Because they always take things literally.

Q: What is Bruce Lee’s favorite drink?
A: Wataaaaah [Water]

Q: What did the dyslexic devil worshipper do?
A: He sold his soul to Santa.

Q: How would you catch a squirrel?
A: Just climb a tree and act like a nut.

Q: How does NASA organize their company parties?
A: They planet [plan it]

Q: Why can’t you hear a pterodactyl go to the bathroom?
A: Because the P [pee] is silent.

Q: Why can’t a bike stand on its own?
A: Because it is two tyred [too tired]

Q: What do you call a big pile of kittens?
A: A meown-tain [mountain]

Q: What happens when you get a bladder infection?
A: Urine trouble [you are in trouble]

Q: What did one ocean say to the other ocean?
A: Nothing, they just waved.

Q: Which is faster - Hot or cold?
A: Obviously, Hot, because you can catch a cold.

Q: How do you know when a clock is hungry?
A: It goes back four seconds. [For second helpings]

Q: What do you call a boomerang that does not come back?
A: A stick.

Q: What happens if you don’t pay your exorcist?
A: You are repossessed.

Q: What did the actress do when she saw her first strands of gray hair?
A: She thought she would dye [die].

Q: What is the definition of a will?
A: It is a dead giveaway.

Q: What do you call people who jump off a Paris bridge?
A: In Seine [insane]

Q: Why did the two peanuts run away from the tough neighborhood at night?
A: Because one of them was a-salted [assaulted]

Q: What happens to chemists when they die?
A: We barium [bury them]

Q: What is the Local Area Network in Australia known as?
A: The LAN down under.

Q: Why did the scientist install a knocker on his door?
A: Because he wanted to win the No-bell prize.

Q: Why do travellers flock to Cuba?
A: Because, they are guaranteed to Havana good time [having a good time]

Now for a few laughs for the day...

A prisoner is finally released after many years and he runs round screaming, I am free, I am free. Hearing this, a kid walks up to him and says, “What is so great about that?” I am four.

A teacher was explaining the Ten Commandments to a bunch of young kids. She first explained the commandment relating to honoring the parents. She then asked the kids, which commandment explains on how to treat our sisters and brothers. One little girl got up and meekly replied, thou shalt not kill.

A young seven-year-old girl was explaining to her mother on how a boy had kissed her in school. The mother was aghast and asked, "How did that happen?” She replied calmly that it was not easy and needed the help of two of her friends to catch and pin him down.

A little was watching her mother do the dishes. She then asks her mother why some of her hairs were white. Her mother thought and responded that whenever the girl made her unhappy or made me cry, one of her hair strands turned white. The little seemed satisfied with this answer. She thought for a while and then asked her, “Why is her grandma’s hair all white?”

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