Child Humor And Funny Answers By Kids

Child humor and funny answers by kids.

Kids are intelligent, smart and funny! Their innocent answers may appear funny, but it could turn out to be the truth! We have compiled below, some of those funny and intelligent answers by kids. Enjoy!

A Little Prayer Before Food

Sam was the most mischievous boy in the class. A new class teacher was being introduced to the class. The teacher introduced himself, and asked all the students to briefly introduce themselves.

After the introductory session, the teacher began asking general questions to the students.

It was Sam’s turn. The Teacher was talking about grace. He asked Sam, “Sam do you pray every time before you eat?” Sam replied, “That won’t be necessary Sir! My mom is a good cook!”

Who beat John?

John was sitting in the living room staring at the window. He seemed to be lost in his thoughts. His father asked him why he was so worried.

John said to his father, “Sam beat me in class. I felt very bad and now, I don’t know how to go to school!”

John’s father asked what had happened in the class. John replied nothing but had tears in his eyes.

John’s father was moved, and asked him, “Who is this Sam that beat you up?”

John told, “He is my teacher!”

John’s father was speechless!

Half or Full or Empty or Double

A glass filled half with water is placed on a table. How do individuals from different professions look at it?

An optimist’s perspective: The glass is half filled with water (as his views are always positive)

A pessimist’s perspective: The glass is half-empty (as his views are always negative)

A saint: The glass is filled with water and air.

An engineer: The size of the glass is two times bigger than it actual needs.

What is real common sense?

Do you know that ballpoint pens will not work in space? Because of absence of gravitational force, the pens will not work in space.

A special astronaut pen was invented to use in the Space! The special pen writes in zero gravity and almost in all surfaces, whether it is paper, glass, wood and metals. The team of inventors at NASA was so proud. However, the pen cost a million dollar!

When the same problem was faced by the Soviet Union, they found a cheaper and simpler solution! They used a pencil instead of a pen!

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