Wordle on Smartphones: How to Play the Game like a Pro

Josh Wardle released “Wordle” in June 2021 and since then sharing daily puzzle results became a part of millions of phone users. Once you start receiving winning streaks, it’s hard to stop. After seeing Wordle’s widespread popularity you might think that it has a standalone app, but it doesn’t.

So, now the real question is – How can you play Wordle on your smartphone?

You can’t find this word-guessing game on your App Store or Google Play Store.  To make Wordle available on your phone, access the New York Times website.

The generic idea behind Wordle seems to be similar to that of Lingo – a popular British game show. Unlike the show, you won’t receive any winning prize for guessing the correct word on Wordle.

Wordle is played on Android or iOS phones via a secure and ad-free website. The game became popular right when Wardle added the ability to share daily results on social media platforms. Over 3 million people played Wordle in 2022, and it was played by 900 gamers in January 2023.

How to Play Wordle on your Mobile phone?

You can start playing this engaging word game on your smartphone via any browser. However, you must add Wordle’s web app to the device’s home screen to get an app-like experience. iPhone Repair Dubai verified that beginners can play Wordle from The New York Times Crossword app by syncing their New York Times account.

Now, we will explain how to play Wordle on your phone like a pro:

Install the Game on your Android Phones First!

You must connect your Android device to a stable Wi-Fi connection or cellular data. Open your phone’s default browser – Google Chrome. Write “wordle” in the search panel and tap the search icon.

Access The New York Times’s Wordle site from the search results. Tap the three vertical dots when the Wordle site opens and choose “Add to Home screen” from the drop-down menu.

Write “Wordle” in the pop-up window and click “Add”. Your Android phone will display a confirmation prompt on the screen. Tap “Add” again and Wordle will be added to your Android phone’s home screen.

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Access Wordle from the NYT Crossword Mobile app

If you want to play Wordle from an app instead of a web page, install The New York Times Crossword app. Registration for this crossword app is free and you can access Wordle without a premium subscription.

So, learn the steps on how to access Wordle from the NYT Crossword app:

  • Open Google Play Store from your Android device and write “New York Time crossword” in the search field.
  • Select “NYT Games: Play the Crossword” from the search results.
  • Tap “Install” and open the Crossword app when the installation is complete.
  • Find “Wordle” from the game list and tap on it to play on your phone.

The best part about this NYT Crossword app is that it lets you transfer the Wordle results by signing up with the same New York Times account. This Crossword app is best for Android users who wish to play Wordle without an account.

How to install Wordle on your iPhone?

No matter which iPhone you use, you can play the Wordle game by accessing its official site. iOS users can obviously access the site from any web browser. However, we recommend using your iPhone’s default browser – Safari, for safety and security reasons.

Like Android phones, iPhone owners can also create shortcuts for Wordle and add them to the home screen. So, you don’t have to access the browser to play the game. Simply, tap the Wordle icon on your home screen to solve the daily puzzles.

Here are the easy steps to install Wordle on an iPhone:

  • Open Safari from your Apple phone’s App Library or Home Screen.
  • Navigate to New York Times’s website and head to the Game section.
  • Locate “Wordle”, select “Share” and tap “Add to Home Screen”.
  • Choose “Add” from the up-right corner; that’s it.

Your iPhone will add the Wordle game on the home screen and you play it whenever you want using Wi-Fi or mobile data.

Rules to Play Wordle on Mobile Phones:

You must understand the basic rules to understand Wordle’s gameplay. Though there is a “how to play” section on the game, it’s not that clear.

So, here we have summarized the Wordle game rules for you:

  • You will be given only 6 attempts to guess 5-letter words.
  • Players will get new words every day, replacing the previous ones.
  • The game offers hints if you guess any letter of the word correctly.
  • If you place the letter in the correct spot, it will be highlighted in green.
  • Letters with a yellow background indicate the letter is in the word but placed in the wrong spot.
  • Any letter with a grey background doesn’t go with the word and can’t be placed in any spot.
  • If you fail to guess the word, you lose the chances of winning a Wordle “streak”.

Form a Strategy to Play Wordle

There are 1000+ five-letter words in the dictionary, and guessing the right one can be challenging in Wordle. This game is all about optimizing the word guesses since there are limited chances.

We recommend paying attention to every clue you get after placing the right letters. Aim to complete the daily Wordle challenges to improve your overall game stats.

Let’s see how can you play the Wordle game on your smartphones:

  • Open the Wordle web app shortcut or NYT Crossword app from your phone.
  • The game’s rule box will pop up on the screen. Review all the game rules and tap “x” to close it and get to the gameplay.
  • Wordle will show you a blank box with a 5×6 grid.
  • Your phone’s on-screen keyboard will appear which you must use to enter the 5-letter word in each row.
  • Tap “Enter” after writing all the letters in the first row.
  • Each letter in the word will be highlighted either in green, yellow or grey.
  • Don’t change the green letter’s location, focus on the yellow ones.
  • Move the yellow letters to new spots in the row to guess the correct word.

The entire row will be highlighted in green if you guess the first word right.

Did you guess all 6 words right and want to solve more puzzles? You must wait for Wordle’s daily reset which occurs at midnight, no matter which part of the glove you’re in.

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What is Streak & Will You Lose it if you don’t Play Wordle for a Day?

Well, this is the most asked question by the daily Wordle players. However, before getting to the answer, you must acknowledge what “streak” means. It is the maximum number of times you have correctly guessed the right words.

So, will you lose the streak if you don’t play the game for one or more days? Yes! If you don’t open and play Wordle for a day or more, your current streak will end. However, your highest streak in this word-guessing game will remain unchanged.

What if you left Wordle without guessing all the words or using all the clues? It won’t be counted as “Played” and the game won’t also display your winning chances. So, keep solving the word puzzles and create a Wordle streak that no one can beat.


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