Why You Need a Waterproof Pet Blanket

A nice, warm place to sleep sounds good to just about anybody. With the cooler temperatures right on the doorstep, now is a great time to look into making your pet more comfortable with a blanket made to stand up to the cold.

The Benefits Go Beyond Comfort

Selecting a waterproof pet blanket for your pet will help keep them warm and comfortable over the winter, but there are other benefits that pet owners should be aware of to ensure that they are making an appropriate choice for their fur-baby.

All of the benefits of a waterproof dog blanket or throw are not necessarily for furry family members. One significant advantage for the human members of the pack is that the blanket will protect beds, couches, and other sitting areas from fur and stains while also providing a cozy place for your pet to snuggle up. This trait comes in particularly useful if you happen to be a cat owner, as cats tend to shed more than most breeds of dogs.

Waterproof pet blankets are resistant to pet odors as well. They are easy to clean and come in handy if your pet happens to have an accident. The dry surface will provide a healthier environment for your pets’ skin which also helps out if your furry friend is a big drooler. The naturally tighter configuration of waterproof blankets provides durability that resists fraying, especially if your dog happens to be a chewer.

Blankets Can Provide Emotional Support

Sometimes, a pet’s special blanket isn’t about warmth; it’s about security. Much like their bones or other toys, pets know that their special blanket is their property. If they are traveling or spending the night in an unfamiliar setting, the blanket will provide a familiar sense of comfort wherever they happen to be staying. For pets prone to anxiety, these blankets can be especially helpful in keeping them calm and relaxed.

News that will come as no surprise to any pet owner is that all dogs are not alike. Dogs come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and personalities. While some breeds adore cooler temperatures and playing in the snow, other breeds find this challenging. If your pup is one of the former, having their waterproof blanket will help keep their bedding dry when they come back inside after an afternoon playing in the snow.

Help For Special Needs Pets

Some pets have special needs that tend to worsen as they age. Arthritis and other joint diseases can make it painful to move around, and these conditions can become unbearable in cooler temperatures. A soft, warm waterproof blanket can provide cushioning comfort and potentially reduce the amount of pain they’re experiencing and make them more comfortable. 

Easy Cleaning and Maintenance

Maintenance for the pet blanket couldn’t be much easier. Most pet blankets are machine washable in warm water and dryer safe with medium heat. Both bleach and fabric softener can compromise the waterproofing properties of the blanket, so it’s best not to use those products. 

With more and more studies showing how good pet ownership is for us, it’s sometimes easy to forget that our pets provide us with complete devotion and loyalty. Sometimes they even put our comfort ahead of their own. We owe it to our fur babies to make them as comfortable as we can.


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