Why Is It Important For My Toddler To Ride A Tricycle

A well-rounded child is what every good parent dreams of. 

In some cases, fulfillment can also take on the appearance of learning through play. 

This is why the tricycle is the first choice for many parents. In terms of early childhood games, cycling is a recommended sport for toddlers. 

Parents do not hesitate to invest in this 3-wheeled bike to see their children flourish, move, and have fun.

It must be said that using a tricycle combines many advantages that make it an essential item for all kids. 

Read on to know more about toddler Tricycles… 

The Advantages Of Riding A Tricycle

· Safe Ride:

For a child who is just learning to walk, riding a bicycle can be a real challenge because it requires dexterity and balance. 

In this, the tricycle represents a good compromise… 

Why? Because of having one front wheel and two rear wheels, a tricycle offers much more stability and balance than a conventional two-wheeled bicycle. 

When a child is riding a tricycle, the challenge of using his hands has more to do with the ability to move the machine forward than anything else. 

Truly, your kid doesn’t have to worry about falling off no matter what terrain he’s exercising on.

With that being said, 

…forcing him to ride the bike for the first time without trying the tricycle could compromise his safety. 

For example, he may be injured or have scratches after his fall. He may also fall and have a broken arm or leg! 

Without the tricycle’s third wheel, your child might also have a concussion if the fall is violent, especially if he is not experienced and has little coordination skills.

Whatever the case is, it is highly risky to entrust a bicycle to a toddler who is just learning to pedal.

Learning comes in many phases…

By not offering him a tricycle before a real bike, your kid will miss a lot of learning opportunities. 

Besides, you risk traumatizing your child and giving him a negative image of cycling by linking it directly to difficulty and pain. 

· Develop The Coordination Abilities:

As you know, the tricycle is reserved to be part of everyone’s early childhood… 

Between 1 and 3 years old, children begin to master their gestures and coordination abilities while riding on a tricycle.  

They still have certain gestures that cannot be mastered properly without riding a tricycle.

Once you introduce the tricycle, you must teach your kid how to pedal to move this 3-wheeled bicycle forward. 

Here is the key: Pedaling obliges him to discover his own body and his motricity differently. 

Over time, the child learns to use his driving force wisely… 

Between pedaling and guiding the bike in the right direction, and moving it left and right, your child can better coordinate his movements. 

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· Strengthen The Muscles:

A toddler is, most of the time, full of energy and we recommend the parents try to spend it wisely. 

Playing with a tricycle is an excellent way for your child to exercise his muscles, spend some time away from screens, and enjoy a fun time. 

In return, the child’s motor skills will be improved and developed, and pedaling will physically make him stronger. 

Besides the physical well-being that the child gets from this activity, he also boosts his psychomotor development, especially regarding being independent.

It is, therefore, beneficial for your child to ride a tricycle. 

· Gain Independency:

Before your kid turns 3, he is likely to be attached to his parents and looks to do things through them. 

He doesn’t really have the opportunity to thrive on his own because there is always a family member around to watch him. 

Watching over him is a must to ensure he is safe and does not make mistakes! However, this prevents him from being independent. 

That’s said, letting him be involved in an activity that makes him independent helps in building self-confidence.

A child who becomes independent quickly is a more satisfied, happy, and comfortable child…

He is more cautious and can get out of certain situations alone without asking for his parents’ help.

Over time, he will ask you less for some certain daily activities, like brushing his teeth or changing his clothes.

Helping your kid be a more independent child will be more of showing his special personality and the real side of himself. 

Between 18 months and 4 years old, your child develops very quickly and may be interested in riding a bicycle. 

If he is still too small to pedal like a big kid, a tricycle with a parents’ push handle is a very good option for him to flourish and have fun. 

But how to choose a tricycle suitable for your child? What are the advantages of buying a tricycle for your child? 

To get answers for those questions, Click on The 5 Best Toddler Tricycles & What You Need To Know Before Buying One.


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