Why Education Sector Needs Android App Development for Students?

The changing trends and technologies have transformed the way of doing business. The advancement of technology is widely accepted across various industries, like healthcare, eCommerce, grocery, and more. Users significantly use each type of mobile app because of its convenience.

When talking about different industries, education is no different. This sector has accepted digitization and witnessed exponential growth. The new eLearning concept has taken over the traditional way of learning, enabling a great learning experience. As a result, entrepreneurs invest in education app development for successful business growth.

As per Statista, the education sector will generate $10.04 billion in revenue by 2026. With the help of education app development, you can easily reach your targeted audience and upscale your business exponentially.

Since the market share of Android is 70.96%, which motivates business owners to choose the Android platform for their app development. There are numerous reasons for choosing this platform; for starters, its development is cost-effective and generates high ROI.

The blog has listed numerous advantages of developing an education app using the Android platform.

Top 5 Benefits of Android Application Development

Generate Higher Revenue with Lower Costs

The first advantage of choosing Android app development for your eLearning app development is receiving higher revenue with lower costs. The platform has an easy availability of Android SDK, which an Android app development company can use to develop interactive education apps.

Android app development ensures low investment with an enhanced user experience, as developers will pay a one-time registration fee. They will create an education app as per the user’s expectations and add features that will benefit them.

You can even add different monetization models, like in-app advertising or subscription model for increased user engagement.

Attracts More Users

You can attract a large number of users for your eLearning app by picking the Android platform. It is an open-source platform that gives users more freedom, control, and customization options.

As mentioned above, the market share of the Android platform is higher, which means people are more inclined toward it. So, develop high-performing eLearning apps.   

Developing an Android platform education app will enhance your brand visibility, leading you to your targeted audience. Design a visually appealing educational app with an easy signup process, user-friendly features, real-time notifications, etc.

Offers Versatility and Scalability

The presence of Android Studio has increased the flexibility and adaptability of the operating system. It is integrated with the entire ecosystem of Android, like smartphones, tablets, wearables, and Android TV.

The versatility and scalability make the OS more compatible with advanced technologies like IoT, AR, and VR. As a result, it is considered as one of the significant benefits of the Android app development platform.

Most importantly, the versatility of the Android platform lets the development team develop dynamic and high-performing eLearning apps that can serve different purposes after the installation.

Futuristic Advancements

The success of an education app is based on how much your investment will pay off during future advancements. And as a result, Android is the most suitable platform as it is the future-ready platform with acceptance of trends like the rise of 5G technology, integration of AI & ML, and more.

The rise of 5G technology in the Android platform will exhibit great speed with excellent app performance. The 5G technology can transfer data with 100 GBPS speed along with valuable feature integration.  

Recently, Android OS has also extended its support to wearable devices and apps. It allows users to track their daily physical activity, heart rate, body temperate, etc. Consequently, Android app developers can experiment with futuristic advancements and aid entrepreneurs for successful business growth.

Effective Marketplace

Android has an effective marketplace where app developers can easily list your educational app on the Google Play Store. Your app can quickly get approved on the Play Store within just 2 days at a low cost.

Instead of spending capital for the whole year, there will be a one-time payment only. Google Play Store will enable an automatic update of your education app with continuous support to maintain brand credibility.

To keep quality apps in the Play Store, Google has led different Android applications to implement monetization strategies for an enriched user base.


With almost everyone using a mobile phone to access multiple apps in a day- it indeed has given a huge growth path to industries. As a result, developing an education app on the Android platform can amplify your business reach and user base.

Android is an open-source platform that makes it less time-consuming and cost-effective. There are more than 2.5 billion active users of Android, and the number will continue to grow. So, avail of the Android app development services and meet your business goals.


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