Why Do People Face Problems Choosing the Best Cowboy Hats? What Are the Common Yet Popular Cowboy Hats?

For over 150 years, cowboy hats have remained a fashion staple. Since their first introduction, manufacturers have made significant changes in the design as well as the appearance of the cowboy hats. 

You can find different styles of cowboy hats. Some might look good on you, others won’t. The style of the cowboy hats is primarily dependent on the brim and crease. As each style is filled with uniqueness, you don’t need to worry about getting lost in the crowd. 

John B. Stetson was the first man responsible for coming up with the cowboy hat style and look. The very first cowboy hats used to feature a round flat brim and a tall rounded crown. The sweatband inside the hat helped the wearer to adjust it perfectly. 

As time passes, manufacturers started implementing customization to the cowboy hats on the brim and crease. As a result, they discovered new styles and appearances for cowboy hats. 

Nowadays, most manufacturers use leather, felt, and straw while making cowboy hats. From a functional piece to a fashion statement, cowboy hats have seen glorious days. The functional headbands also converted into decorative pieces. Here are the different types of cowboy hats you should know. 

Cattleman Crease 

Many people have heard this name before, but only a handful of them know what the Cattleman Crease is. The most traditional and oldest hat in the market, the Cattleman Crease is also the most popular type of cowboy hat.

The Cattleman Crease came into popularity when ranchers and horse riders started finding something that would differentiate them from the rodeo riders. The tall and narrow crown and a single crease down with two creases on each side are more than enough to capture someone’s attention. 

The larger crowns helped the cowboys during the windy or rainy season. The modern Cattleman Crease is more of a gentleman’s hat, which can be worn at formal events and weddings. The hat is available in both straw and felt material. 


Due to the similarity in style, many people confuse the Gus crease with the Cattleman crease. This is another vintage-looking hat that helps the wearer showcase more Outback appearance than the Cattleman Crease. 

Just like the Cattleman Crease, the Gus crease also comes with a high crown. The crease of this specific cowboy hat is down in the middle and straight on two sides. But the crown is slightly sloped down. Many people consider the Gus crease as a Tom Mix. 


Another popular cowboy hat that you can find in the market, the Justin cowboy hat, will undoubtedly boost your fashion appearance to the next level. When you purchase a Justin cowboy hat, you will be receiving a hand-made as well as unique hat as per your style preferences. If you look at the Western hat world, you will witness the popularity of Justin cowboy hats. When Herman J. Justin founded the Justin cowboy hats, they immediately captured the attention of the hat market. 

The modern Justin cowboy hats are super comfortable and durable. The premium fur felt and wool hats might prove expensive, but they will be worth every penny. When you pair the Justin hats with Justin boots, you will complete the attire. 

Pinched Front 

The Pinched Front Crease is also beloved by many Western classic hat lovers. There are two common crown styles in the Pinched Front Cowboy hats. The diamond crowd is something that will differentiate the Pinched Front cowboy hats from the rest. 

Just like the formal fedora hats, the Pinched Front hat’s crown is more outback-styled. But the brim of the Pinched Front cowboy hats is less wide than the fedora hats. Most manufacturers use straw to craft the Pinched Front cowboy hats. 

If you have a sharp jawline and want to complement it, nothing will prove as useful as the Pinched Front cowboy hats. This specific hat is also super popular amongst women. The colors and different design elements of the Pinched Front cowboy hats will make you look fashionable and unique. As per Wikihow, consider choosing neutral colors to look bolder.


Even though you might assume that Montana and the Cattleman Crease look the same, an experienced hat-wearer would be able to distinguish them easily due to some key differences. One of the three creases on the back is less pronounced and smaller than the other ones. 

On the other hand, the central dents or creases are more pronounced. The Tom Mix is more like the Montana cowboy hats, but they feature more prominent brims. 

While wearing the Montana cowboy hats, you need to ensure you’re choosing informal dresses. The only formal dress you can pair with the Montana cowboy hat is the blazer. Don’t ever wear them with formal pants or shirts. 


These are the common yet popular cowboy hats you can purchase from the hat market. If you want to know more about hats or have some questions, make sure you follow and contact us. 

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