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Why Do Kids Struggle With Multiplication?

You must have heard that the students are doing well in every field, but they find it difficult to learn math.

They usually avoid studying mathematics and get confused while doing the multiplications.

Although it is complex, a student who is in the learning process and is reading such concepts daily should be aware of the multiplication rules.

Then why are they not learning, and what makes them infirm while learning math and prevent them from multiplication?

Maybe it is due to the weak basics that they have not learned in the beginning and know when they are in upper grades and have large values to calculate, they may fail there.

Reason for kids struggling in multiplication

So, here are some elementary reasons why these kids struggle while multiplying any value and how they can overcome it.

· Less time for basics

The first and foremost thing the students lack during their learning period is the shortage of time for the basics.

It is something important that should be avoided so the students can easily learn problem-solving.

Nowadays, when the institutes increase the syllabus of the kids, there the teachers only try to cover topics without going deep.

When the kids find it difficult to learn the basic concepts deeply, they begin to lose track and fail in learning multiplication.

· Kids can’t add the numbers

One of the most important this that all of us forget while teaching kids about math is that we don’t make them strong in addition.

Imagine a student who can’t add two numbers properly; how can he understand multiplication and find multiple of digits.

Most kids add value on their fingers, which is alarming as addition is the most basic thing in calculations.

So, try to learn the fundamental concepts of addition to the kids, which will help them make a base of their learning process in multiplication.

· Kids don’t use multiplication tables

The kids must use the multiplication table from which they can learn the calculation easily.

Students avoid this factor and don’t learn from here, due to which they struggle in multiplication.

How can kids perform well in multiplication?

Learning the calculation is not a difficult task. However, students can do well in this field by making clear their basic concepts.

Here we will give you some tips that will support the students in getting pro in multiplication.

1. Try to decompose the values

To make the multiplication concepts stronger, try to learn the addition method properly.

While doing practice, try to decompose the value. This thing will bring ease for the learner, and he can easily understand the concepts.

Although it is just like starting from scratch, this method is very valuable and can help strengthen the basics that will help improve multiplication.

2. Drills and practice

Practice makes a man perfect,” all of you heard many times in life. So, the major aspect of learning any new thing is to practice it.

Make the tables while learning and add random values that can make your calculation fast.

Make drills and randomly pick the table’s values to improve your learning skills and clarify the concepts.

3. Practice with words

It is the most effective method for kids to learn multiplication fast. Understanding the digits in math is quite easy, but it can’t make the concepts clear.

To get a good concept, it is necessary to learn it with the words. Give the equation in words to the student.

He will try to understand it and make the math equation by himself. It can help him to know how all things are working.

Practicing with words is the best method to boost learning skills in calculation.

4. Apply the “I have … card” method

It is amazing to build the interest of students in learning multiplications.

This is a game in which students are given cards with random digits on them. For example, the first student will read out, “I have a card having ‘a’ times ‘b’ on it.”

And next student has to answer in a provided time. He will have to calculate values as soon as to win the game.

It is very interesting as the actual knowledge comes from such practices, and students can also show their interest in such a way of education.

Final words

Follow the above steps, and it will help your kids to improve in multiplications.

To improve the skills of a kid in multiplication, it is necessary to give them basic concepts and improve their time of practicing.

The most important thing is to check if they are good at adding values. If they are weak in addition, try to clear their concepts here.

Because multiplication is not possible until a student is weak in addition.


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