What Should You Do If Your Child Doesn’t Like to Travel?

Traveling is a joy best done with people you love. But what if your child doesn’t care for it? What if they always complain endlessly and say no to every new travel experience you try to get them to participate in? 

Here’s some tips you can try. Hopefully, before long, they will be eager to browse for their own flight ticket online!

Find out why they’re not into it

Find time when everyone’s relaxed at home and gently get to know what they don’t like about traveling. Do they hate the lengthy time it takes to get to the destination? Do they think your itinerary is rather dull? Finding out their reasons may help you update your approach to family travel. You can also share why you think it’s a good idea for the family to travel together.

Pique their interest

Share some of your cherished pictures and videos to get them interested. Alternatively, you can nudge your kid along by showing them interesting travel content online. 

Arrange activities that they can enjoy

Activities that may seem interesting to you may not have the same effect on your child. You may want them to get new experiences, but keep in mind that the activities you have in mind may feel underwhelming or nerve-wracking for them.

Start with something’s more familiar. Does your kid like to read? Try a tour of unique bookstores around town? On your way there, point out some sightseeing spots that may be of interest. More of a game person? Seek out technological museum or add adventurous activities to your list.

Plan things together

Better yet, why not get them to take part in your travel planning

Have a family night where you sit together and plan everything together, from picking the destination to the activities on your trips. It will get them hyped up about the trip and ensures there are things they want to do at the destination. Doing it together makes sure everyone’s preferences are taken into account, which means there will be a few things your kid will be less interested in, but there will also be other things to look forward to.

Rope in a friend

If it’s an option and is not a hassle for everyone involved, why not why not entice your kid by bringing their friend along for the trip? Having their good friend come along will hopefully keep your kid excited and make them feel like they’re not just being dragged along. Even better if the friend likes traveling and can get your kid to be excited about it, too.

Keep things comfortable

Traveling can be tiring and painfully boring, even for adults and seasoned travelers. Sometimes, you’ll be forced to wait for hours or walk around under horrid weather. Try to keep discomfort at a minimum by packing weather-appropriate clothing and some snacks for your child, and when things get dull, distract them with entertainment or small talks. Schedule enough rest time if you know you’ll be going on an extended journey to reach your destination.


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