What is Singapore Mathematics?

Singapore Mathematics definition: it is a set of mathematics from kindergarten to primary school. Its biggest feature is “representational” teaching. By using the “figurative model (CPA teaching method)” to explain mathematical concepts and mathematical problem-solving ideas, it can quickly help children understand abstract mathematical concepts and reduce the difficulty.

The figurative model is actually to simplify complex mathematical problems through modeling, and convert physical objects into images, so as to cultivate children’s operational thinking from concrete to abstract. It converts abstract mathematics into concrete images, which is beneficial to help children understand and think. In addition to being unique in cultivating mathematical thinking, it is also very clever in the setting of topics. Generally, some classic problems are designed, and the same problem is solved from different angles, using various techniques such as splitting, transposition, brackets, etc.

Singapore’s mathematics problem setting is typical. The same problem is also used by children to solve the problem from different angles. Not only will there be multiple skills such as splitting, transposition, and parentheses to speed up students’ problem-solving speed, but there will also be check calculations to check the results. In addition to the example questions, gradient practice questions will also be set up to help students become more familiar with the type of questions based on their understanding, aggravate their understanding of a certain type of questions, and avoid the distress caused by the sea-of-question tactics. That is the purpose of education.

What kind of child is Singapore math suitable for?

If your child is studying in European and American international schools and has a certain mathematical foundation, and wants to improve the child’s learning difficulty and train the ability to solve problems, then you can use the “Singapore Mathematics online with this website” as an extracurricular expansion virtually.

If the child is studying in a school within the domestic system, the “Singapore Mathematics Textbook” can also be used, because it can help children enhance the “modeling” ability of simplifying mathematics. At the same time, because Singapore mathematics is all in English, it can improve children’s English level while exercising children’s mathematics ability.

The core of Singapore mathematics is the cultivation of mathematical thinking. From the kindergarten stage, it lays a foundation for mathematical logic. So, it is suitable for all kids who want to improve their math skills.

It is never too late to start learning Singapore Math’s, even without any foundation. Emphasis on logic, thinking, systematic and step-by-step, which is why so many developed countries have to introduce Singapore mathematics.

It is better to learn mathematics sooner rather than later. Parents who want to learn, hurry up!

Teaching process

Singapore Math’s is a program with a unique framework for developing problem-solving skills and an in-depth understanding of essential mathematical skills. The Singapore Mathematics curriculum focuses on logical problem solving from one concept to another. Some Singapore Mathematics study subjects have been incorporated into the Common Core State Standards Scheme.

The Singapore Math curriculum, for example, involves fewer topics to master every year, but provides a more thorough introduction to each topic.

Singapore Math Philosophy

It’s not the content that makes Singapore Math different from other methods, it’s the philosophy of what is important and how it should be taught. The Math of Singapore focuses on the notion that students can achieve nothing when thinking about complex mathematical learning without a strong foundation.

However, this does not mean that the skills that elementary students learn are simple. The view is that when teaching an idea or skill it is important for students to spend enough time gaining skills. You do not move on to the next idea with the thought that previous skills can always be regained if needed. Instead, they visit again and open up more teaching time.

This method uses a three-step learning model that consistently presents ideas in progress. It moves from concrete to visual representation and then to more abstract (solve questioning and written equations). It not only teaches students how to do something, but also teaches them why it works.

What does Singapore math tell us?

1) To cultivate any kind of learning ability, the most important thing is attitude

The attitude is not simply whether the study is serious, but how to learn to appreciate knowledge, build self-confidence, cultivate interest, understand the meaning of this science, and finally have my own understanding and belief behind the persistent study.

2) The ability to infer others is far more important than memory

I am deeply touched by this point. Many children will recite Tang poems, multiplication formulas, etc. in the early stage. Because children’s memory develops before understanding, it is easy for us to misjudge memory ability as learning ability.

In fact, if you don’t understand the logic and methods of computing, can computing be better than a computer? Therefore, it is not important to remember 1+1=2. What is important is that after knowing 1+1=2, it can be calculated that 1+1+1=3.

3) Don’t use the current knowledge system to set limits for children

Many of our current cognitions, including knowledge that have been considered scientific, will surely be constantly redefined, discovered, and even overturned in the future world.

4) Application ability and modeling ability are more important than the learning of the concept itself

Problem solving, practical application and knowledge itself are distanced, and this ability needs to be cultivated consciously. As parents, we may not be particularly good at a certain subject, but we need to instill in our children the awareness that knowledge is to solve problems.

On the way of educating children, there is really no end to learning. The research on Singapore mathematics and the experience of using teaching materials will definitely be shared with you in the future.


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