Unique Ways to Teach Converting Measurements

Are math classes boring? No, if we are talking about a modern classroom and if a teacher in it utilizes novel approaches. They include gamification and introducing examples from real life. If the children see how their knowledge helps them in practice, they will be more active and interested in the process of learning.

Thus, there are various fascinating ways to practice converting measurements and learn all the features and intricacies of this process. And there is nothing scary or difficult about this topic. Let’s discover the top approaches together and learn how to use them for the benefit of young learners.

Sorting hat

At first, a teacher or a parent should introduce metric units to a child and explain why there are so many of them. Actually, this can be turned into an interesting history class related to the traditions and customs of many countries.

Then, the time comes to sort this all out and implement some measurement activities. For instance, do you remember the sorting hat from Harry Potter movies? Let it help you to sort the objects in the classroom or at home according to the units that are the most suitable.

Mark the places for pounds, grams, liters and other options and start the measurements game!


Another way of playing while learning more about units of measure is to introduce board and matching games. This can be done both physically or by utilizing online resources.

In addition, here you can show such a helpful measurement conversion tool as OneConvert. One can think that with it, there is no need to learn more. However, one still needs to understand the units that are utilized and also it’s important sometimes to check even the results of automatic calculations.

Therefore, take an existing game or create one on your own and allow children to play and learn simultaneously.

Moving to the kitchen

The next practical way to discover more about converting measurements and practice it is to take a recipe with one set of units and provide a child with the equipment marked with other options.

This is a real case from the life of many people. As, for example, Europeans may find a suitable American recipe and vice versa. However, their measuring tools and provided units often differ due to the traditions of the countries. At the same time, we understand that we should be quite accurate with recipes and the amount of ingredients.

Let your child solve this problem and find out more about converting means in practice. You can only discuss the recipe or even prepare it. This will make your math lesson tasty and unforgettable.

Building a house

If little girls are more fond of recipes, boys are going to be interested in building and creating something new. Again, there may arise the problem of unit conversion. This happens when one purchases materials in different countries or moves to another region.

In this case, one can create a project together with children and recalculate all the important values. Nowadays it is also possible to work with 3D models and even apply 3D printing to observe the importance of accurate measurements of dimensions.

This approach is also great for demonstrating various precision levels and explaining how to work with them and selecting the numbers that are suitable.

Sing a song

At last, in many cases, one wants the children to learn the units and their meanings by heart. This is sometimes challenging because young learners just skip the information that is not very interesting to them. In addition, they know that there is always a chance to find everything on the web.

Still, if you would like to improve their memory and mental abilities, just find poems and songs related to the topic. It’s a fun and easy way to learn almost everything, including various units and rules of their conversions. Do not hesitate to sing together with children and create a positive atmosphere, which also contributes to faster learning.

Final thoughts

Some think that math is boring, while others are scared of its difficulties. Of course, when we start with the theory, the situation often goes this way. However, here we’ve demonstrated how nice and fascinating learning can be. There are numerous creative ways to study the conversion of units, so take advantage of them and make the learning process easier and closer to the interests of young learners.


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