Understanding Infant Teething: How Can You Help?

Teething is an uncomfortable process for babies, and parents like us must seek ways to soothe and relieve them from general discomfort. Fortunately, there are numerous baby-teething remedies you can do at home to do the magic.

In this article, we will discuss everything about teething, what you need to understand, and surefire ways to comfort and help a baby that keeps chewing anything and everything as it grows its new set of chompers.

Understanding The Teething Phase

Teething is an essential developmental milestone in your baby as their first set of teeth starts to grow, laying the transition from liquids to soft and total solid meal consumption. Unfortunately, your babies must undergo uncomfortable changes in their body, often marked by excessive drooling, crying spells, and the urge to bite anything within their reach.

Because these symptoms come from swollen and irritated gums, the tips below will focus on minimizing pain and relieving their gums from tension and swelling. Let’s start listing the best ways to help your teething baby without breaking your wallet.

Teething Tablets

Available in most pharmacies, teething tablets are a great way to reduce swelling and pain. For example, you can relieve teething discomfort with Dr. Talbot’s tablets; these products can quickly melt into your baby’s mouth with minimal chewing and instantly start relieving their swollen gums and general pain. But of course, consult your pediatrician first before getting any medicinal remedies for your baby.

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Chilled Spoons

Sometimes, to relieve a teething baby, all you need is a spoon. Cold spoons offer quick relief to help your baby distract themselves from teething symptoms. Additionally, spoons are easily accessible in your house, so if you can’t find anything to help with teething, you can get a spoon for a few minutes in the freezer, and you’re good to go. However, make sure to use a sizable spoon large enough to minimize choking and supervise your infant for safety.

Remove Drooling

Babies tend to drool a lot; when you combine that with teething and swollen gums, you get yourself a chance for infection and mouth rash. When your baby starts drooling, always keep bibs under their neck that you can use to wipe off any saliva or liquid easily. It may not directly relieve your baby from teething symptoms, but a clean mouth and chin keep your baby away from such complications.

Gentle Gum Massages

Using a clean and chilled cloth, you can directly massage your baby’s gums and offer instant relief against teething symptoms. Slowly insert the cloth into your baby’s mouth and gently massage them in circular motions with the least amount of pressure possible.

This tip is essential when other tips mentioned in this article are inapplicable. On top of that, gentle massages are a great way to bond since your baby would instinctively chew it for comfort.

Cold Pacifiers and Toys

Cold toys and pacifiers offer instant solace, especially if your baby is starting to chew before teething. These toys help numb their irritated gums and alleviate pain for a while. Ensure you get their toys sterilized first, of course.

Also, make sure to store them in a clean container inside your refrigerator for safety. Avoid gel or liquid-filled toys that may break during their teething spells. Take note: the toys don’t have to be frozen. They just have to be cold enough to relieve pain. Anything frozen can stick to the lips or gums and cause even more harm.

Milk Popsicles and Chilled Fruit Mash

On the topic of refrigeration, cold milk popsicles and fruits provide instant relief while giving vital nutrition to a growing baby. This tip is important for babies who may not eat or drink meals because of the general discomfort.

To make cold milk popsicles, get a pack of BPA-free sticks and use a popsicle tray to be filled with your milk or formula. After that, it’s just a matter of keeping them frozen after an hour or two. As for chilled fruit, mash some fruits like bananas and strawberries and feed them to your baby through a mesh feeder to avoid choking. You may also mash them as thoroughly as possible to break down lumps effectively.

Doing so encourages your baby to eat through the cold meals and have a full belly even if they’re crying or have other relevant issues.

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Warm Baths and Midnight Cuddles

Sometimes, the best way to relieve a baby from teething goes way beyond their mouth. A simple bath and cuddle time can be as effective as others in relieving teething symptoms.

To be exact, a warm bath and cuddling with your baby release tension from the discomfort that teething brings. Your embrace also offers that reassuring feeling and helps them to sleep. On top of that, it strengthens your bond and gives parents like you a much-needed break since your baby is more comfortable to sleep through their teething spiels.

Painkillers and Antibiotics

If symptoms persist or new symptoms arise, it would be best to contact your pediatrician and get a medical prescription. Teething is generally not a difficult endeavor for babies, but sometimes, it can get complicated due to many factors.

With consultation from your doctor, make sure to follow their treatment exactly. For example, if your doctor says that your child needs to drink medicine for a week, then you should do so, even if your child gets better early on.

Final Thoughts

Teething is a developmental milestone every baby faces. While it is an annoying and, at times, painful stage, the parental tips outlined above can help ease that experience. Nevertheless, patience and understanding must be exercised when supporting our little bundles of joy. Reading this article and being informed of teething strategies is the first step in supporting your baby.


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