Ultimate Nerf and Paintball Battle: Setting Up an Epic Outdoor Game for Kids

Nerf wars and paintball games are fun to play regardless of people of any age. But, both of them need a good setup for an optimum and exciting outdoor game. You can’t just start playing with your Nerf guns indoors ignoring the fact that the harmful antics can be quite deadly!

So, let’s see how you can set up the ultimate Nerf and paintball battle.

How to Build a Nerf Battlefield

Simply follow the steps below for an optimum Nerf Battle:

Step 1: Choose the Location

Large open spaces like playgrounds or parks are perfect for Nerf battles. If you have a spacious backyard, that’ll do too. But, be sure that it has covers for people to hide.

If not, arrange some barrels or inflatable covers with a portable air compressor. Restrooms should also be nearby. It’s also necessary to choose a backup location. As the first location can already be preoccupied with other people.

Step 2: Fix the Date & Time

Plan at least three weeks ahead of the schedule. This will help to ensure that all members are recruited. Choose a time slot. Typical Nerf wars are about four hours long. But, it can be adjusted due to the player’s wish.

If it’s a long game, a lunch break can also be held for about 30 minutes. Lastly, dedicate a 15-minute time slot to wrap everything up like cleaning and gathering darts.

Step 3: Set the Rules

They have to be described properly while recruiting members. Like, which type of guns to use. Rather than banning modes, you can limit the power of guns.

For example, 130 FPS are low-powered caps. More than 160 FPS means high-power blasters. 200-250 FPS are even powerful and considered ‘Hyperstock’. There are also extremely powerful 300 FPS blasters known as Dartsoft.

Other rules like the number of lives the players will get are also decided. In ‘West Coast Rules’ each player has five lives. While in ‘East Coast Rules’ there are ten lives. With each hit, they lose a life.

Then, in ‘West Coast Rule’, they’ll have to go back to the respawn point. Their guns should be held in the air. Then, enter the game again from there. But, there are no respawn points in the ‘East Coast Rule’.

Step 4: Precautions before Starting the Game

All players should be wearing eye protection. The guns should have orange or red tips to show they are toy guns. Nerf Hyper ammo and bbs or paintballs should be banned from use.

Now that everything is set up, you can play any variant of Nerf games.

How to Build a Paintball Battlefield

Follow these steps for setting up an exciting paintball field:

Step 1: Choose a Your Paintball Field Location

Again, it should be an open space of at least more than ½ an acre. Set the outer limits of the ground there should be barriers and obstacles to hide behind in the field.

Other than natural features like trees and large rocks, you can also build these obstacles. For example, wooden pallets, cardboard boxes, hay bales, etc. Then make a detailed layout of the field. The map should include all the obstacles and barriers.

Step 2: Set up the Equipment

For the game, prepare your battle equipment like the guns and protective gear. There should be an equipment shed where they’ll be kept. Check all the equipment before starting the game.

Step 3: Precautions & Safety Rules

Maintain a code of conduct while battling out your paintball fantasia. For example, always wear protective gear and don’t shoot from close range. There should also be supervisors who can resolve any issues that may arise.

While playing you’ll need some paintball tactics for dominating the field . Lastly, clean up the ground thoroughly after each game is over.

Bottom Line!!

By following these rules, you can have an awesome paintball or Nerf battle. But, we’d like to warn you about one last thing. Be careful about your surroundings and only indulge in healthy competition while in a game. Hurting or harming others in the game intentionally is strictly discouraged. Thanks for reading the whole article.


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