What is The Total Gym Cost in Florida? (Top Product Reviews)

Do you want to start a full-body workout? But I don’t have enough money and time. You are not alone! If you exercise regularly, having a total gym at home can save you both money and time.

How much does the total gym cost? A Total Gym is an excellent fitness investment. It ranges from $3500 to $25000, depending on the model. Besides physical therapy, clinics, gyms, hospitals, and athlete training facilities, Total Gym products are sold to many large corporations.

If you have your own workout space inside your home, you can exercise on your schedule. Exercise type and space available will determine whether you need home workout equipment. If you use your equipment regularly, a gym membership will eventually pay for itself. This may result in a wide range of costs.

In this guide, I’ll explain the cost of Total Gym and also review some top products that might be helpful to choose from.

Current Total Gym Models

A Total Gym is a multi-functional machine that you can use at home for a wide variety of exercises. Let’s explain some total gym models:

  • Body-Solid EXM4000S Triple Stack Home Gym
  • Inflight Liberator Multi-Gym
  • Light Commercial Gym G9S,2 Stack
  • Body-Solid EXM3000LPS Home Gym

Body-Solid EXM4000S Triple Stack

In the Body-Solid EXM4000S Triple Stack Home Gym, you can exercise your upper and lower bodies simultaneously using the Leg Press/Calf Press Station. It allows up to four people to work out simultaneously.


A wall-mounted unit with three steel alloy weight stacks that hold 210 pounds fits easily against a wall. It has a bench press that comes with a kick assist lever for improved pre-stretch and a full range of motion, automatic hydraulic adjustments for the seat pads, pop-pin adjustments from a seated position, and DuraFirm pads for lumbar support.

It has a two-by-four-inch mainframe to eliminate torsional flex, a Perfect Pec Station with range limiters, an advanced articulating handle design for a dumbbell workout, and a durable powder coat finish for long-term durability.


  • Valid warranty backup
  • Less maintenance
  • Premium steel construction
  • Eight inbuilt fitness stations


  • Pricey
  • The assembly task is time-consuming


  • Model: EXM4000S
  • Dimensions: 133″L x 91″W x 83″H
  • Weight Stack: (3) 210 Lbs. – upgradeable to 4
  • User Capacity: 3 – upgradeable to 4
  • Chest Press: Multi-Press Station

Inflight Liberator Multi-Gym

Inflight Fitness’ Liberator is the most compact, versatile, and durable commercial strength training system in the industry today. The compact package combines modern styling with rugged dependability in a way that will satisfy any fitness enthusiast and meet their budget.

Three people can work out simultaneously with the Liberator Strength Training System and four with the optional fourth weight stack. Liberator Strength Training System boasts simplicity and reliability, with minimal adjustments to manage heavy-duty commercial components for longevity.


Inflight’s ratchet adjustment system adjusts the strength training system’s seats for the user’s height and comfort. The exercise stations feature easy-to-understand instructions on the correct way to set up machines and which muscles to target.

To prevent wear, all Hand Grips feature UV resistant, closed-cell foam, and aluminum grip caps to avoid absorption. A neutral position of the joints is maintained on the Hand Grips, which reduces joint stress and optimizes workout safety.

Upholstered padding is 40-50 durometer HR foam with sewn vinyl covers to maximize strength and suitability. A contoured seat and back pad provides maximum comfort.


  • Space-saving with small footprints
  • Both commercial & private gym settings
  • Reliable for heavy usage
  • Less maintenance


  • The seat is harder to adjust.
  • Take time to assemble the instructions.


  • Model: Inflight Fitness
  • User Capacity: 3 upgradeable to 4
  • Weight Stack: 200lbs for each
  • Chest Press: Overhead Tricep, Ab Crunch
  • Dimensions: 79″W” x 85″L” x 85″H”

Light Commercial Gym G9S, 2 Stack

Body-Solid G9S Total Body Exercise Machine features over 125 exercises. A unique baked-on powder coating process provides a very durable finish that resists chipping, peeling, and flaking so your Gym can look good for many years to come.


A combination of advanced engineering and total adjustment has resulted in an exceptional range of motion. The multi-grip arm system provides deep and practical muscle interaction in the chest, incline, and shoulder press.

To row with the G9S, you grab the grip handles for an exhilarating mid and lower-back workout that will increase flexibility and strength while relieving lower back stress.

The Pec Station is equipped with dual overhead cams, each independently controlled, providing unilateral and bilateral training for the chest, back, and shoulders. Adjustable pop-pin seats adjust vertically for proper hand and elbow alignment with swiveling handle grips. Back and shoulder development with one-arm reverse flies.


  • Adjustable seats
  • Lifetime frame warranty
  • High-quality machine
  • Multi-function press arm


  • It doesn’t come with preacher curl
  • Take several hours for set up


  • Model: G9S
  • User Capacity: 3 upgradeable 4
  • Dimensions: 84″H x 89″L x 70″W
  • Leg Press: Multi-Press Station
  • Weight Stack: (2) 210 Lbs

Body-Solid EXM3000LPS

If a compact workout room with maximum strength is what you’re looking for, try the EXM3000LPS on for size. This multi-station workhorse provides club-quality strength training for up to two people simultaneously.


In addition to bench pressing, incline pressing, shoulder pressing, and chest-supported mid-row exercises, the EXM3000LPS features a multi-function press arm station. The fully adjustable Pec Station with range limiters allows users to achieve deeper muscle penetration for faster, more defined results.

All Body-Solid gyms are built to exact specifications with top-of-the-line ergonomic features, always keeping up with the latest developments in weight equipment design. These thick, durable DuraFirm pads provide contoured lumbar support guaranteed to make working out the most comfortable experience of your life. They feature natural pivot points and pop pins.


  • Lifetime warranty
  • Multi-function press arm station
  • Provide lumbar support
  • Adjustable Pec Station


  • Adjusting the seat is more painful.
  • Time and instructions are required to assemble.


  • Model: EXM3000LPS
  • Dimensions: 83″ H x 91″ L x 73″ W
  • Chest Press: Multi-Press Station
  • User Capacity: 2
  • Weight Stack: (2) 210 Lbs

How Much Does the Total Gym Cost?

Total Gym’s entry-level model starts at $5295 and runs up to $8935 for their top-of-the-line home gym. They do offer to finance. Your new fitness business needs software for gym management and it doesn’t cost much. It can ease the facility of staff and sales management.

  • Commercial Gym, EXM3000LPS: $5295
  • Light Commercial Gym G9S, 2 Stack: $5850
  • Inflight Liberator Multi-Gym: $6995
  • Total Commercial Gym, EXM4000S: $8935


Is the Total Gym worth buying?

It is an excellent buy for those who want to tone their body and gradually improve their fitness levels despite the high price and short warranty.

Does the Total Gym work?

Almost everyone can figure out how to use Total Gym, but it excels at using your muscles to stabilize your joints as you exert power; if you push or pull more with one arm than the other, you’ll notice. Nevertheless, you need not concern yourself with losing any weight.

Can I lose weight with Total Gym?

Total Gyms are essentially strength training machines. Building muscle throughout the day is an effective way to burn more calories and lose weight faster, as muscle tissue requires more energy to maintain than fat tissue.

Wrap Up

With home gyms, this will be an excellent addition that is beautiful and beneficial for people of all ages. The versatility of a machine can be useful for anyone, whether they are starting out or adding to an existing routine. However, these types of equipment come with multiple features at a reasonable price that saves your money.


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