Top Apps to Stretch Math Skills of Your Kid Effectively on a Daily Basis

Many teachers have realized that boosting children’s confidence in math has become vital to learning. A large number of students are leaving school without the basic understanding of simple math concepts needed for everyday living.

Fortunately for students today, technology has allowed more creative ways to learn math. Math homework solvers are the latest buzz among learners. These handy applications remove the textbook learning students are familiar with and instead create a fun, interactive way to learn math.

Teachers and students globally are adapting to these new ways of teaching, which have shown tremendous results. These are some handy apps students are using.


Prodigy is a math game that 1- 8 grade students can use at school and at home. This app encourages learning math through interactive math battles.

Prodigy guarantees that children achieve at their own rate by using a diagnostic test to place pupils in the appropriate grade and assessments. This allows for a more personalized approach to learning, keeping the student engaged at a level that is proficient to their ability.

Prodigy goes beyond game-based learning by providing teachers with onboard reporting and assessment tools. With these tools, teachers can easily detect areas a student is struggling with. This app can be used as both a free or paid version.

MathMaster: Math Homework Solver

There’s always that one math problem a student will struggle with while there’s no teacher present to assist! Students can now find those complicated answers on MathMaster.

MathMaster is an application that provides solutions to complicated equations by scanning them with your Android or iOS device’s camera. This versatile app will provide a step-by-step breakdown of the solution allowing the student to understand the steps needed to arrive at the answer.

With 24/7 tutor support, students have access to help with trigonometry, calculus, basic math, algebra, and statistics. This math app is free on both Android and iOS devices.


CK-12 is a non-profit organization established in California in 2007 to provide access to free and customizable educational resources.

Teachers have access to a wide range of fantastic content on the CK-12 website that can be utilized in the classroom. CK-12 offers a library of over 5000 free online textbooks, exercises, videos, flashcards, and applications.

Students can have a one-of-a-kind math learning experience by defining their own goals and working at their own speed on the platform. Teachers can monitor students’ progress, assign content and upload their own content using the teacher dashboard.


Buzzmath is a math app with over 14 000 math questions for grades K-12. This math app is a game-based learning platform that over 700 000 students aged 6-16 are using globally. Through fun daily activities on this math app, children improve their math skills and increase their self-confidence and persistence.

The app allows you to use either the free or paid version. Students can select any available lesson on the platform, respond to messages from the teacher, work on assignments, and retake questions to gain rewards.

Learning is kept exciting on this app by continuous game-based practice. Teachers can personalize lessons for each student’s level of learning.

Benefits of learning math

Whether we like it or not, math is everywhere we go. Almost all our daily actions involve some form of math. Most students do not see the benefit of math due to the challenges they may experience while learning the subject. Take a look at this list of benefits that math offers:

  • Math can assist you with your finances.
  • Math is used in almost every career in some capacity.
  • It improves problem-solving abilities
  • It is the only language in the world that people on different continents universally understand.
  • The knowledge of math is essential for understanding the concepts of other subjects, such as science or economics.
  • Learning math is advantageous for brain development creating new neural paths in the brain.
  • A simple thing like telling time or timing activities also requires math.


Students’ learning capabilities are expanding daily with these new learning aids available. Having tools like these to assist with homework has revolutionized the world of math. With the right app, students will excel in life with better logical thinking and problem-solving.

The abilities gained by studying math can help students deal with challenges in other areas of their lives. While many people complain that math is tedious or complex, the truth is that a life without math means we experience the world in a far less exciting way.

Apps like those listed will help today’s youth grow and understand this essential subject.


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