Top 7 Apps for Kids with Autism

For most parents & teachers, the concern of supporting autistic children is not restricted to the classroom environment, it must extend to the home. They want the support to extend to home so that the child can cultivate autonomy and confidence.

This is a valid concern and one that needs to be met first by starting with small enhancements that take little effort but bring great solutions. Apps are examples of just that. Here, we discuss seven apps that are ideal for kids with sensory issues and autism.

Baby Flash Cards, First words

To effectively instill this understanding, educators prefer taking photos of things and placing them into small photo books to help children learn new words. This is a simple approach, & it does work.

However, with digital advent, this app does the same thing. Using high-quality drawings, the app presents a whole array of nouns, verbs, and actions – all presented in pictures. One doesn’t need to worry about finding the right photos because the objects are separated into the following categories: fruits, clothes, food, animals, balloons, bathrooms, and more.

The child only needs to tap on the photo of the object, and the sound is automatically played. This app is handy in improving the verbal fluency & vocabulary of younger children with autism. It’s available on Play Store and App Store and is good for children up to five years old.

Lingo Kids

This delightful app presents over 15 different situations for toddlers to explore action words. Starting with a game of baking, the narrator gently suggests things for your child to try. For example, “Add the cake” or “Add the sugar. Your child plays by reaching out to touch the different ingredients and watch the process unfold.

Every detail has been carefully thought out to work perfectly when your child touches the screen. Once your child finishes adding the ingredients, a video animation of a cake baking will show on the screen. In this way, your child gets to enjoy the effort of playing. The app is available on the Play Store and works well for kids up to age 8.

Coloring Games: Color & Paint

Autistic children are naturally attuning to colors because they are visual thinkers. For this reason, the “Coloring Games: Color & Paint” app appreciates this trait by giving them a chance to paint their favorite animals, caterpillars, flowers, and other items.

Painting in the app is as simple as selecting a color on the left-hand side of the screen, and then tapping your desired location on the outlined drawing. There is also soothing background music that keeps the child engaged peacefully. The app is available on the Play Store.

Easy Games for Kids 2, 3, 4 year

This is a must-have app if you would like to bolster your child’s counting, number, and all-around cognitive skills. It offers games from shape recognition, pattern recognition, and color matching to memory games.

The majority of the interactivity comes from touching the screen or dragging objects to their appropriate places. The app is designed by educators and psychologists, making it recommendable for parents.


Expect your little one to want to use this app over and over and over again. It’s a great app to teach your toddler sentence construction and in turn, boost their vocabulary.

To construct a sentence, you simply tap on the right picture, and then an auto voice will speak the word out. The clicked word will be added to the sentence strip. You can tap another picture word to make an entire sentence. The idea of being presented with an entire array of pictures and a blank canvas to construct sentences is simply amazing.

Otsimo AAC

If you like the previous app, then this one will be equally amazing. It’s an app that allows easy communication between non-verbal children and their parents. So instead of having to speak out in words, which is not always possible for non-verbal kids, the app presents an array of pictures.

All that is needed is to tap on the pictures & an auto-voice will speak out loud the word. There’s an option to edit photos plus you can add your photos if that works better for your child.

Leeloo AAC

Like Otismo, this app creates a voice to aid non-verbal children in communication. When your child touches easily recognizable pictures, they can have the phone speak for them. The voices that speak for the user are natural, that is, and not a synthesizer — you can also select whether the voice is female or male and adult or child.


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