Top 6 Benefits of a Kid-Friendly Escape Room

The ever-growing trend of escape room games has taken over the entire world in its whirlpool of fun and excitement. Nowadays, you can come across top-class escape room brands in almost every country, city, or locality. People across age groups flock to these escape games like a moth to a flame! 

In India, Breakout Escape Rooms is a top-notch escape room brand offering immersive movie-styled escape rooms. The brand also provides one of Asia’s first-ever kids’ escape room games! Taking your kid to the escape rooms will provide your kid with an hour of immense fun and frolic and will also help them to learn so many vital skills. 

No matter how old your kids may be, there are several advantages to taking your kid to a suitable escape room game. Wondering how an escape game can benefit your kid? Continue reading, and you will soon find your answer!  

What are the key aspects of a kid-friendly escape room?

The key to great kid-friendly escape games lies in building an escape room where your kids enjoy themselves playing and can relate to every aspect of the gameplay. Some of the determining factors of a kid-friendly escape room may include: 

  • The escape room needs to incorporate elements and aspects that will get kids excited. Now it includes a thrilling narrative, mind-boggling puzzles, and the need for kids to work together as a team to solve the nasty bits of the escape room challenge.
  • The puzzles found inside a kid-friendly escape room need to leave your kids hungry for the answer instead of making them a mess of confusion and uncertainty.
  • The escape games need to lay a coherent focus on building a captivating plot, with elements of action, fantasy, or puzzle-solving present in it. Ensure the games are not based on scary or horror-themed plots.
  • The eligibility criteria of the kid-friendly escape rooms need to have a lower age criterion to make it suitable for younger kids.

Now, let us take a look at the top 6 benefits of a kid-friendly escape room: 

What are the top 6 benefits of a kid-friendly escape room?

While there are many fantastic benefits of making your kid play an escape room game, there are a few noteworthy benefits of the escape room experience. They are as follows:  

1. Enhances problem-solving skills.

Escape rooms are all about solving tricky puzzles and riddles. Thus, when you make your child play an escape game, you can spontaneously enhance their problem-solving abilities. The game will expose your kid to various intriguing puzzles, and children will need to nudge their thought processes to solve the gripping mystery and win the game.  

2. Boosts creativity.

Escape rooms allow players to think off the beaten track. It requires players to rely on their individualistic perspectives to escape a sticky situation in the game. Today, kids remain mostly glued to gadgets and hardly indulge in doing something creative. Thus, playing in the escape rooms can help boost the creativity of your child and make them think out-of-the-box!  

3. Provides a distraction-free zone for bonding.

Nowadays, parents hardly have enough time to spend with their kids due to increasing work pressure. Even when they have, you will mostly find them busy glancing over their mobile phones or other gadgets. At such a juncture, going to escape rooms can offer parents a distraction-free zone to bond with their kids!  

4. Encourages teamwork.

Escape rooms are essentially team games and require players to work together with each other. Thus, playing an escape game can immensely enhance the teamwork mindset of players from even an early age! The ability to work well as a team can further benefit your child in their school activities and allow them to adjust to their work culture when they grow up.  

5. Keenness for details and precision.

Teams attain success in the escape rooms when they keep their eyes open to notice the minute details of the room. It allows them to uncover the hidden clues, for missing them will take them a step backward! Thus, when your child plays in the escape rooms, they need to keep a sharp eye to notice all the minute and even insignificant details. It will enhance their sharp thinking abilities when they get stuck in real-life scenarios!  

6. Enhances time management ability.

In a world running faster than earlier, your child needs to learn the vitality of time management from an early age. Playing escape games can be the perfect way for your kids to learn time management skills. Escape rooms last for a stipulated time and require players to escape the room within that time. Thus, playing the escape rooms will help your child to plan, execute and manage their time in the best possible way. 


Now these are some of the best benefits of kid-friendly escape rooms. So, what are you waiting for? Take your kid to a kid-friendly escape room near you and allow them to experience the joy of the escapades while they also learn a lot on the way! 


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