Top 5 Slipper Designs 2022

Slippers rank second in the list of demands after Crocs in today’s world. You must be aware of the vibrant designs of woollen slippers available in the market. Most of the girls go gaga over these cute and warm slippers. The slippers came to trend recently a few years back in 2020, when the pandemic had hit various parts of the world. Most of the countries had announced a total lockdown, and people were asked to stay back at home. This was when people realized the need for foot comfort while walking up and down their houses doing almost nothing. The demand for slippers has risen at skyrocketing speed since that year.

Designs that you can purchase

It is essential to understand necessary ideas on the various designs and patterns of slippers available in the market. Here are a few woollen slipper designs which you can see and finalize the one that you want to buy:

Half cover hard sole slippers

Woollen or faux footwear are the new trend which can be used even in warm places. Various brands in the market sell unisex slippers as well as slippers that are gender specific. However, the one that we are talking about is a unisex half-covered hard-soled design. This slipper provides ultimate comfort to the feet of the wearers with proper sweat control and perfect grip.

Woollen gripper slippers

As the name suggests, this kind of gripper slippers mainly focuses on the feet’ grip. You can wear these slippers outdoor as well as indoors. The fur sheds a bit in the initial stages, but after one wash, it stops shedding and stays intact for long. These could be useful in areas with slippery ground or even pool side.

Gemma Mule Woollen slippers

Once you start using a Gemma Mule woollen slipper, there is no longer going back to the old designs. The best part about these slippers is the ultimate level of comfort they provide to the aching feet. These slipper designs are mainly designed to cure foot aches for people of every age, primarily women. If you wish to look casual and be comfortable simultaneously, then the Gemma Mule slippersare the best fit for you!

Foamy full cover Woollen slippers

Yet another design in woollen slippers you cannot get over is the foamy full cover slipper type. As the name suggests, these slippers come with a foam cover and sole inside, which provides a high level of comfort. The slippers of this pattern come with a furry neck cover of the heels. It is probably there to give your slippers a cute and comfy look. If you stay in a cold region, then these fury heads are the best choice you can ever make in terms of slippers.

Simple design Woollen slippers

If you like to keep things simple and yet prefer a high level of comfort, then a simple design slipper is the best fit. These slippers mainly come in a single colour with no mixed matches. The upper cover and the sideways cover come in a design. However, the sole base might have a leather finishing as well. Such leather soles prevent your feet from sweating and smelling. The back of the slipper might come in a half cover or a full one, whichever you prefer. Search online woollen slippers for your lag comfort.

Before you conclude, you should be aware that just because these slippers look cute and comfortable, it does not mainly target female buyers. All the above designs of slippers have been ruling the market. However, if you do not own one, you can get one immediately.  You can also go for the customizable woollen slippers with furry balls, fur cover in the front, and a lot more with animal designs and cartoon figures. Choose your comfort buddy right away!


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