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Top 5 Kids TV Shows to Watch Out For

We are way past the time when the television was deemed to be one of the “evil” inventions of the twentieth century. There is a great deal of unnecessary discrimination against various avenues of technology and innovation. As far as preschoolers are concerned, the television today is far more than an “idiot box” or time filler.

Some of the best TV shows have been designed with content that has developmental stimulators as well as the entertainment quotient aligned for a preschooler or toddler. Most of these shows have their episodes play out as “lessons” that touch on different aspects, from educational to social to behavioural.

These great TV shows for young children have a lot of work put in from some of the most talented and knowledgeable minds of the industry. Here are some of the best preschool TV Shows that have been designed exclusively for those small bundles of joy designed to enrich and entertain simultaneously.

Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood

The show is essentially based on a character that has been plucked from a much older show named Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood. Daniel, the adorable Tiger is the star of the show. He has plenty of animal friends in his neighbourhood. Each episode showcases how Daniel helps his friends solve their problems. It uses a lot of storytelling elements along with music. The show is great because it teaches children about values like empathy and the importance of sharing through some cute and very simple songs.

Word World

The show has some high creativity concepts involved. It shows the world where words come alive. The prime attraction of show is its animation effects which show letters coming together to form words and finally, it takes the true form of what the word means. For instance, the letters h-o-r-s-e come together form the word “horse” which is shaped like a horse. It’s a great way for kids to learn how words on a page actually represent something real.

Sid the Science Kid

One of the greatest kids tv shows for preschoolers, Sid the Science Kid reveals the scientific rationale behind everything you see in the world. There are few parents who aren’t familiar with the cute antics of this curious kid. Sid basically asks questions about things he sees around him every day. Questions could include anything like “Why is the sky blue” or “How does water turn to ice.”  The onus of the show lies in how Sid collaborates with his friends and teachers to find out the answers to his questions, which children can relate to easily.

Creative Galaxy

The show on Amazon Prime attracts kids immensely owing to its artistic visual appeal. Arty the friendly alien is a problem silver. The character uses some pretty unorthodox but effective techniques, which stimulate small kids to think out of the box and solve problems on their own. What makes Arty really unique is that he always incorporates some kind of art during his adventures around the universe. The show has some interactive segments in between, which make the children more of an active participant rather than a passive observer. Creative Galaxy inspires children to find their own artistic talents and promotes creativity at a very young age.

Tumble Leaf

With colourful animation work and a relaxed storytelling technique, Tumble Leaf is yet another favourite show for kids. The show follows a cute little bear named Fig and his friends as they go on little adventures where they learn about the world around them. The show incorporates a bit of science, problem solving scenarios, shape recognition in a fun and playful way.

Although popular kids shows look simple and fun, it takes a lot of creative energy to make a show that incorporates valuable lessons in a format that is attractive for kids. These shows are the perfect examples for how best TV for kids can actually help children develop their personality as they play.


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