Top 5 Disney Movies That Deserve A Sequel

Disney is notorious for coming out with sequels. Whether they’re going to be good or bad, wanted or not, we get them for both their movies and TV shows. But what about their movies without a sequel that they’ve seem to have forgotten about and that fans actually want to see? Here are our top 5 Disney movies that we think deserve a sequel, but for one reason or another, we haven’t gotten one.

Our list included Pixar movies since Disney acquired Pixar back in 2006. We’ve also purposely left off movies and shows we know are already in production like the great Zootopia, even though we cannot wait for Zootopia 2 to be released. Disney please hear our plea for our sequel requests so we can finally have some closure to our favorite story lines.

1. Ratatouille

Released: 2007

Ratatouille, our favorite but unfortunately way underrated Pixar now Disney movie deserved a sequel a long time ago. In case you forgot, Remy, a rat against all odds becomes a chef with the help from an unlikely novice cook. At the very end of the movie, we’re shown Remy and his human chef friends running their own restaurant called “La Ratatouille” with his new previous health inspector as their investor. Remy’s happy ending occurred in all of ten minutes tops which was super disappointing! We’d like to see him run his new restaurant, earn his Michelin stars and see more of the health inspector’s new outlook on life. What happened to Remy’s family or chef Skinner? Apparently Disney didn’t think we wanted to find out.

2. Moana

Released: 2016

Moana, daughter of Chief Tui saves her village from the blight that has quickly taken over her village. The fish are gone, their crops are dying and her people are terrified. Against her parents’ wishes, Moana takes a dangerous journey to restore the heart of their goddess to starve off the blight and when she returns she inspires her people to sail again. We’d love to see how Moana takes her place as chief, her island flourishing and her people getting back to their roots of the days where they travelled often by boat. There’s so much that can be uncovered by Disney if they’d give us a sequel or two.

3. A Bug’s Life

Released: 1998

In A Bug’s Life, Flik is an intellectual ant who messes up at every turn and disappoints his colony often. Unfortunately this time he messes up big and knocks all of the food for the grasshoppers into the water. This makes the colony’s bullies demand a cut into their season’s food, but Flik doesn’t stand for it and ultimately saves the colony from becoming grasshopper food. During the story not only had Flik saved the colony, but made a bunch of new circus bug friends. But what happens to the colony? Will the grasshoppers try to come back next season and does Flik finally get the respect he deserves? Who knows since Disney has neglected to give us a sequel to this movie.

4. Treasure Planet

Released: 2002

Treasure Planet was also underrated, but also failed to knock it out of the box office. To lightly recap the movie, Treasure Planet was a story of an intergalactic treasure hunt and fiction adaptation of author Robert Louis Stevenson’s “Treasure Planet.” We were supposed to see a sequel, but after a year of it in the works Disney cancelled the sequel due to negative feedback and financial troubles. Disappointed fans wanted to finally learn Silver’s backstory and closure of what would have been series, but we’ll never get it.


Released: 2008

WALL-E is a story about the last robot left on earth. He spends his day cleaning up earth by collecting trash and crushing it into individual cubes. WALL-E isn’t just a normal robot; he has a personality and is lonely until he finds EVE, a vegetation evaluator robot. His adventure starts as he befriends EVE after saving her from a massive dust storm. WALL-E was such a sweet movie that has fans wondering why there was never a sequel. There’s so much potential for a sequel that we’re puzzled. Disney could have focused on rebuilding civilization, the entire reason why WALL-E and EVE were working in the first place! Also EVE played hard to get and we feel like we didn’t get much time with WALL-E and EVE together. Disney could also choose to explore that too, but have not. Unfortunately there are no plans for a sequel and it appears that Disney has forgotten all about this one off movie.


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